Monster Ball Easy Halloween Party Craft And Game

Looking for a last minute activity for your Halloween party or just something to keep the kids occupied creatively? We love doing different Halloween related activities in this house. We are planning more than one party and things have gotten quite interesting all around. Just a preview of what is to come… Monday we are having an Play All Day Elmo party which we are super stoked about, The first of next month we are having a Home school Halloween party as well as a family and friends get together and a Fall Fun day. It’s going to be a more than just normal busy month, so I have been trying to think of fun yet easy activities for the kids to do. That is where Monster Ball came into play.

Monster Ball Easy Halloween Party Craft And Game

Monster Ball Bowling Easy Halloween Party Craft and Game

The idea for this game was to use cardboard tubes but I never can remember to save them so we made our own using construction paper and they turned out just as good and it took the step of painting away making the activity even more easy.

What you will need:
Construction Paper (one for each monster)
Goggley Eyes, marker, or whatever you want to use to decorate your monster faces with.


Fold each piece of construction paper in half lengthwise. This helps create stability in your tube.


Roll them around into a tube shape and glue them together. Add a couple dots inside the tube to keep it closed.


Have the children create the faces. This is where the googly eyes come into play. They can either draw on faces or glue on different decorations.

Set up your pins and take turns rolling a ball at them to knock them down. The kids had a lot of fun with this part of the activity.

The most fun is trying to knock the other kid’s monsters over without knocking their own.


There you have it.. Monster Ball. A fun way to spend some time being creative!


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