Egg Carton Pumpkin Kid Craft

Egg Carton Pumpkin Kid Craft

This momma is exhausted right now as I fumble my way though work, home school, and play with little to no sleep and an overly exaggerated need for coffee, I am looking for ways to keep the kids occupied while I get stuff together. Crafts are a huge hit around here so I usually go and let them make a mess now hoping I have the energy to clean it up later.


Today we made these super cute egg carton pumpkin people. The thought came to me as I was looking at an empty egg carton and thinking… I bet we could make something out of this. Then the simple idea was born to create pumpkin people. I had all the materials on hand as probably most of you with kids do. It’s a simple supply list of an egg carton, pipe cleaners, paint, and googly eyes… I sure do love me some googly eyes and color ones are even better.

Egg Carton Pumpkins Kid Craft

Here is my material tray. I have been trying to be a little more free range with the art materials to encourage their creativity. I found this wooden tray that I love and I plan on using it to create activity trays. Although, it’s not spotted orange. I have included my Elmer’s glue, paint, egg carton cups, pipe cleaners, paint brush, and of course the googly eyes. With everything so easily accessible each child can make their craft at their own convenience or we can make them all together by sliding the supplies around the floor. Sliding it back and forth is what they did.


The painting can be a little messy so be sure to have protective clothing on and covering for your surfaces.


Have the kids paint them all orange (or green, red, or blue I won’t judge on what color you want your pumpkin people. All pumpkin people are created equally.)


We used green pipe cleaners for the steam. They twirled them around their finger and stuck them into the top of the egg carton cups.


With Elmer’s glue, we glued the eyes on after the paint dried. Each one has it’s own personality.


And there you have it. Pumpkin people! Easy craft that kept them busy creating and having fun while I did absolutely none of my to list.


I may not have gotten around to doing all those things I was thinking I should do but I did watch some wonderful creative crafting going on and had a few laughs as my kids created their pumpkin people. We also made up a song to the tune of Giant Purple People Eater about our Tiny Orange Pumpkin People. Fun times!


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