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Touch, Taste, Smell, See, Hear… Our Senses are extraordinary and benefit us in so many ways. Your baby’s senses are just now developing and it is important to let them use those senses in many different ways. Sensory play is all about using those senses in unique ways to help them strengthen their senses. I’m going to share with you some of our favorite Sensory activities. These activities can be used with infants or toddlers and as always should be done under supervision of an adult. Sometimes little ones like to stick things in their mouths and not all sensory materials should be mouthed.

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First, let’s get ready for all this active and wild sensory fun by dressing for it. Even as we as adults dress for success, we should be dressing our little ones for successful play. Starting with their bottoms. No one likes a saggy bottom diaper. Not only is is unsightly but also can restrict a baby’s movements and hinders them from being able to move freely. Pamper Cruisers has changed things up in their line of diapers geared toward our active toddlers with sizes ranging from 3 to 6. These awesome diapers free our babies from the sag so they can have their swag. Pampers Cruisers provide up to 12 hours of protection  with their three layers of protection and have a new added channel to reduce the sag. This gives babies more freedom to move, play, and grow their senses all around them. What makes them even better is that even with this new design, Pampers Cruisers are still made with soft safe materials as is the tradition of Pampers.


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Once we are dressed for successful play, it’s mom’s (or dad’s) job to get the materials out and made available to baby. It’s also our job to showcase proper use of the materials and to engage the tot in the play. Show them how to use what you have laid out. Get on their level. Get down in the floor with them. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly. Babies love to see their mommas acting all crazy.

I’m going to now share those sensory activities I have been talking about along with a few suggestions or things I have learned over the course of 3 kids.


Water Sensory

Water sensory is the easiest form of sensory play because most people have ready access to water. Toddlers crave water play and it is an important developmental activity. It’s also simple to accomplish. Water in a bucket… Water and small toys in a bucket… Water and small balls in a bucket… See where I am going with this. Some days I will get out a towel and a shallow pan and put water in it. I will give her a few toys such as cups or dolls. She will play for a long time in her water fun. Usually it will end with her in the water bottom first… doesn’t matter what size the bucket is.




What kid doesn’t like bubbles. Babies are mesmerized by them, toddlers want to eat them… Bubbles are never a wrong choice.



Bins made with rice, pompoms, beans, sand, or other scoop-able materials is a great touch sensory activity.


Slime/goo/anything messy/Play Dough

Play Dough will be your best friend if it already isn’t. It is good to learn a good quick easy homemade recipe because if your house is anything like mine… We go through the dough. This includes slime, goo, and anything messy.



We have showcased alot of touch and feel sensory but what about the other senses? 

Music and movement are also sensory activities. Music is another important aspect of development. It doesn’t really matter the music you play, just play something and dance. Dance together. We used to host dance parties where there would only be the 4 of us. We would get dressed up and play tons of music and dance the evening away. Pampers Cruisers will help those little ones keep up at the party and get their swag on!


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