Going Wild At Hollywild Animal Park

We received tickets to review this attraction but all opinions are our own.

Going Wild At Hollywild Animal Park

This past weekend we were able to visit Hollywild Animal Park. Hollywild is a unique park located in Wellford, SC. There is quite a lot of animals to see and the kids can feed most of them. The unique aspect of this attraction is the fact that a lot of these animals have been in movies and ads. CB couldn’t get over the fact that she saw Pippi Longstocking’s Alphonso. That is one of her all time favorite movies and she left feeling like she met a star.


Hollywild is a Non profit animal park. It is the home of many animals from peacocks to buffalo. At Hollywild, they give you opportunities to get up close to the animals. They have many exotic animals such as a Zebra and monkeys to domestic animals such as a Holstein cow (which by the way is HUGE).


The first things the kids noticed was the large water area. We were told this pond is a man made pond but is fed with a natural spring. There we were able to see a swan, geese, and my personal favorite, TURTLES.


Bub is a geese and duck lover. He could have watched these feathered beauties all day.


I loved seeing the turtles swimming around! Hollywild has several turtles and even a couple of tortoises. I actually caught one of them big fellas looking like he was smiling. I shared it on Facebook a couple of days ago. 🙂


Safari Ride

The safari ride was a lot of fun. Before getting on the animal themed modified buses, you can purchase food to feed to the animals you will meet. All the animals on the safari ride are herbivores. On this ride you will get a tour guide, ours was super informative. He told us about the different animals and their names. He shared little stories about their personalities and how some of them even came to Hollywild.


I took about 700 photos and it was super hard choosing just a few to show but there were a few I just had to share. This big guy was walking toward us. All the animals were used to people coming around and were so friendly.


Some of them had rather LARGE horns.


On the ride, you get the chance to get REALLY close to some REALLY big animals. It’s a unique opportunity for the kids to see these big creatures up close and personal.


Tank is the resident rhino. He has been in several tv ads and is the only working rhino is the US. Our tour guide told us that tank will have a long life expectancy at Hollywild by at least ten years in comparison to the wild.DSC_0846

The peacocks were all over the place. Bub thought they were stalking him. Beautiful birds to see and quite friendly.


Feeding Time

There are several animals the kids can feed. Goats, horses, pigs, and many other animals. They have baby bottles, crackers, bags of feed, and other veggies that you can purchase and feed to the animals.


You all know I had to take pictures of the pigs. CB almost hyperventilated when she saw these little ones.


The Food Lion Lion!!

We saw the Food Lion Lion in person. Another star that CB was overly excited about.


The Fish Feeding Frenzy

Bub was loving the fish pond. Those suckers were the biggest domestic fish I have ever seen.


This is where Bub used most of his food. He couldn’t get enough of the frenzy of fish attacking the food when he threw it in.



These camels hold fond memories for me. We visited Hollywild when the bigger two were little. One of these and Bub built a friendship that he still talks about on occasion.


There was tons more to see at Hollywild Animal Park. I shared a few more great pictures on Instagram this past week as well as Facebook but if you really want to get close to the animals, visit the Hollywild Animal Park!



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