A Day In Our Home School

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The kids were pretty upset to learn they would still be having school even though it was Labor Day but for a working mom it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It gave me a chance to try out new things and see what works best for us. I think now we have figured out a plan of action and something to work toward.

We started the day off with a little morning work.

We don’t have a proper board yet so we are using Chalk markers on the glass window. I have a few different brands of chalk markers but the brand we used today was called Chalkola. I like using chalk markers because you can use them on glass, chalkboard, or many other surfaces. It works for us right now. This brand works great for our use and was bright and visible.

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We start with the date and work a few math practice activities using the date. I also give them a word of the day. This word is a new word that they have to work into their conversations. For every time they say the word correctly in an every day sentence they get a point. Today’s word was Conversion. I picked this word as a way to introduce doing conversions of measurements into our morning routine. All three participate in morning work even though most of it is way to much for little Lou to handle. She enjoys being a part of the classroom.


We worked on Vocabulary, Math, and Science worksheets together as a class. They really seemed to enjoy this approach compared to the solo study we have been working on. We practice antonyms and synonyms as well as adding suffixes for vocabulary. For math we are working on place value and rounding. For Science we read and discussed conduction.


While they did their work, Lou decided she was done with her desk time. So I put her to work on a project. I had some silicone pumpkin molds from last Halloween and a bag of marshmallows. Her just was to put a certain amount in each mold. She has fun with this activity.

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We also did some block building during morning break. Bub and CB grabbed the Legos and Lou went for the wooden blocks.


Afterwards while the others were working on other work. Lou decided she wanted to play a game. I didn’t realize that something had went wrong till I turned around and seen this screen. I tried to fix it for her but she became very angry that I was turning her dinosaur game off. So she played with the webpage in not available screen for another ten minutes. Best internet game she has ever played apparently.


So that was our Labor Day home school day… or the parts I remembered to snap a photo anyway.



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