Our Homeschool In Practice – Week 1

Last week was our first official week of homeschooling. I thought it would be a good idea for the kids and myself to write about our experiences for future reference. And I will tell you this, it was an experience. From crying to laughing, it was a roller coaster of a week.

Lou spent most of the week avoiding the classroom, which made Bub mad. I know getting her into the habit of sitting is going to take a good bit of my attention so I wanted to start the other two first and work her into it. She spent time building with her Build & Imagine magnetic blocks, listening to music, dancing, and all around being a three year old.



We did a study in weather. Okay, it rained and we watched. We did discuss where rain comes from but mostly we watched the water flow down the backyard.


We made another density experiment. Seven different liquids in layers in a large Voss glass. We also had an experiment in how far broken glass can go when it was dropped.


We made our own gummies… video for this one coming soon! I was so excited this one turned out as well as it did.


And we played outside together in the dirt.


They also did school work but as an educational experience worksheets are not at the top of the list. It’s the hands on experiences that they learn best from. Measuring the ingredients for the gummies, cause and effect with the broken bottle, responsibility cleaning up the mess, confidence in a job well done, and so many more experiences that are the joys of learning at home are the highlights of the week.

What we studied this week:

Math –

Bub is working in rounding and doing very well, I do not think we will have to spend a whole lot of time as he is catching on really fast to the concept. May need a little more work in place value.

CB is working on 3 digit multiplication. It’s going pretty well but I think we will work on it a little while longer.

Lou is counting everything. She can count to 20.

Reading –

Bub is reading Gravity Falls Pining Away. He is not really enjoying it.


CB is reading I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg. She is loving her book. She would probably have it read but I have been having them write a paragraph about each chapter.


Science –

We have studied how to form a hypothesis and steps to take to test it.

The question was “Does Fire need Air to Burn?”

They had to form a hypothesis, draw a plan to test their hypothesis, and implement an experiment to test it out.

We have done the experiment before but it was more about learning the steps to experimentation.


History –

We are learning about Ancient Egypt. We studied how they dressed, what they ate, wrote our names in hieroglyphics, and each child did a report on someone from that time period.


Spelling –

We learned how to take a spelling test and hide it behind the dresser because a few words were missed… Yep that happened. 🙂

Bible –

We studied about Creation. They read about it and did a book about the days of creation.

There you have it.. Our first week of homeschool in review.

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