Scheduling Made Easy – Tips to Keeping on Top of Things

Scheduling Made Easy – Tips to Keeping on Top of Things

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I am horrible with schedules. I can barely spell the word I’m so bad. It doesn’t look well and I have got to do better. Being a professional anything requires deadlines to be met and punctuality. Being a mother of three children also requires some time management skills.  I don’t have any but it’s something I am working on and getting better with.

I have a few tricks that keep me on top of my projects. I am a paper and pen kinda girl. Call me old fashioned but I have never seen a paper calendar accidentally glitch and delete any important dates.

One thing I have started doing is color coding the different things I have to do. Blog work is Blue. Doctor visits in red. School or Co Op functions in Green. I use these AmazaPens from Amazon for that reason. Gel pens have always been a favorite of mine. These do the trick perfectly and come in 24 glittery bright colors. I love the way they feel and look on paper. We also use them for drawing because the kids love to use them as well. They like the glittery look the leave on the paper.


I also have my handy magnetic dry erase calendar from CVS. This calendar is in a easy to get to place. Everyone can add their events to it. That way we all know what everyone else has planned. It comes with magnets or a sticky things to stick it to the wall. Easy to use and durable, I won’t forget no more doctor’s appointments.


With these two simple new tactics, I am hoping to stay on task and be the professional I need to be.

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