Pet Sac – Book Bag and Stuffed Animal Friend

Pet Sac – Book Bag and Stuffed Animal Friend

We received items mentioned in this post for review but all opinions are our own.

Pet Sacs are adorable pet friends that hold a full sized book bag in their tummies. Their backs unzip and our pops a book bag with a print in your own choosing! Recommended For Ages 3+. These can be purchased at Walmart or Pet Sac’s website!

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Great for sleepovers, school, going to granny’s, vacation trips, church, or whenever your child needs a bag.

I realize this post is quite photo heavy but they were just so cute together I couldn’t help but take photos… I didn’t share them all. I have about 40 or so I didn’t share. 🙂


These Pet Sac bags are adorable! The book bag is a full sized bag and the perfect size for children in elementary school. It was really easy to get the bag out and back into the back of the pet. The three year old had no trouble getting the bag in or out of the animal (not one single time during the 407 times she put it in and took it out.)


One of our favorite features is that the tail is actually the zipper pull! You pull the tail to reveal the book bag inside. The bag is a full size book bag with two pockets. They are made from the same rip stop nylon as parachutes! This means they are super durable and easily cleaned. Great for kids like mine who think it is a necessary fact of life that something as to be spilled.


Great for kids of all ages. There are nine different pets with six different choices of print for the bag. The back of the packaging tells you what fabric is inside.


Not only are they great bags but they make cuddly pets as well. Lil miss was having a rough day but her new friend cheered her right up. The two of them had a snuggle nap together and the world was right once again. The kitty’s name is now Farnida and gets along well with Cotta her other friend. She is creative with her friend’s names.


They make a great fashion accessory for the young budding fashionista in the family. She picked the panda with black and white polka dots because it will “match EVERYTHING” apparently. She loves the cute factor and is one happy camper.


My boy loved his new buddy especially. He loves pug pups. Pugs are his newest obsession. He loved his pug back pack so much. He was also excited to his was camouflage on the inside. It really was like it was made just for him. That is why I like that you can pick both the animal and the print, you can pick what matches the child’s personality. With nine animals and six patterns, it’s going to be a hard decision.


Bub wanted to see how much he could fit inside. He fit around 5 big books in the front pocket and several books in the back pocket. It has 770 cubic inches of space.


The kid’s review of the Pet Sac book bags on their YouTube channel Miniature Masterminds
(Yes they did borrow the name of the other blog but they had mother signed permission. They might as well have called it the CB Show)

Hope you enjoyed our review of these adorable Pet Sac bags!


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Oh wow, those are so cute. I bet my little guy would love one of those for back to school this year.

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  17. Bonnie @ wemake7

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