Dream Big Paris Light up Painting with Remote Control LED Lights #rtgsproducts #ad

Dream Big Paris Light up Painting with Remote Control LED Lights

I received products mentioned in this post for review but all opinions are my own.

First I just wanted to mention that I am not the most skilled at painting. You have been warned.

What you need to complete this tutorial:

Paint (3 colors)
60 Warm White Color LED Lights with Remote Control (like these from RTGS Products)
Paint Brush


First paint the opposite ends of your cardboard different colors. I went with green and white because green is CB’s favorite color. Blend the colors in the middle to create a gradient look.


Add you next color in the form of what you want the be the focus. For us the was an odd looking Eiffel tower wannabe shape. I also spread in some black to add more texture to the back ground.


Mark of where you want your lights to go and poke holes into your painting. Word of advice, don’t rush it and wait for it to dry before doing this step as if you don’t things don’t work out as well.

This is what the LED lights like like below. Fit one light into each hole. Stick to back of cardboard with tape.


The best part about these lights is that they run off batteries and a remote control. You can put your frame around the picture and adhere the battery pack to the back. Then all you have to do is use the remote to turn on your picture lights. Lights Have Over 20 Years of Life Span and Use Fraction of Energy Needed by Regular Light Strings. They are also much brighter than Starry Lights or Fairy Lights. The led lights are one a bendable sturdy wire and mold easily to the shape you need. The lights themselves are water proof but not the battery box.

Also if you look, you can see where I punched the holes while the paint was still wet. It made an ragged edge around the hold. It is best to wait till your picture is fully dry.


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