Multibandz – Memorizing Multiplication Tables In Style – #handband

Multibandz –  Memorizing Multiplication Tables In Style – #handband

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School is about to start again. Along with the beginning of a new school year comes the task of memorizing those dreaded multiplication tables… Multibandz takes away the dread and make learning multiplication tables fun. Easy to wear bands that keep the information right at hand. They can study each number just by looking at their arm. It’s a great idea for children who are memorizing their multiplication tables. The idea behind the bands is a reward system. You start by giving your child number 1 and as each band is memorized the child is rewarded with a new band. After they learn the first 5 the bands become glow in the dark. Then the 11th band is silver leading up the the 12th band which is gold!


Math is not my strong suit. Actually, I’m fairly bad at numbers period. Cb was born with this lack of ability to remember numbers. These bracelets are perfect for her. She loves to wear bracelets and on each one of these is a different number table. She is excited about getting each one on her arm. There are special bands to commemorate moving forward in the memorization process. Such as glow in the dark bands and a gold band for the number 12 to signify knowing all  their multiplication tables.

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Boy or girl, these are a great way to encourage them to practice their skills while working toward the golden prize!


Multibandz are a fun stylish way to practice and memorize the tables no matter where they are. They are made of a sturdy durable rubber material. They have a slight stretch to them but not much. They fit my 10 year old’s arm perfectly. They are made in bright vivid colors that are sure the attract attention. In each pack there are 12 bands, each with a different number table on it.


Company Product Description:

Multibandz makes learning Maths easy! It is a new and fun way for kids to learn the times numeric tables. Educates children with there brightly colored skinny bands printed with the multiplication times table.
Children Love to Wear Wristbands!  Especially GLOW-IN-THE-DARK wristbands.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3  …..
1.  Give your kids one band at a time, starting with the x1 table.  As they learn each table, reward them with the next times table wristband.
2. When they reach the x11 table, reward them with silver and then finally with the x12 table, they are rewarded with GOLD.  GO FOR GOLD!
3.  Don’t forget, the x6, x7, x8, x9 and x10 table wristbands GLOW-IN THE-DARK.  An extra reward for learning the first x5 tables.  YEAH!
Give your children plenty of encouragement as they learn each new times table.  And don’t forget to have fun!
Contents:  Inside each 12 pack, you will receive 12 wristbands, with multiplation tables x1 to x12.

Wristband Circumference
M                7.1″ or 180mm

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