Summer Reading List Our 5 Favorite Books This Summer

Summer Reading List Our 5 Favorite Books This Summer

We received books mentioned in this post for review but only share honest opinions and recommend things we truly enjoy.

I wanted to share with you our favorite reading experiences this summer. I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy to convince them to read instead of running wild as kids like to do during Summer Break but these books have helped to encourage them to get inside the book.

On To The Books!


#1. Kidpreneurs Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas
by Adam Toren and Matthew Toren

I know by now most of you who visit often have realized how entrepreneurial CB is. She has always had a business mind. When she was two she set up a shop in her bedroom. This book I felt was perfect for her and other kids like her. It’s filled with tips on money managing and becoming a successful business person. It starts with getting started and goes all the way to giving back. It even has a place to write up a business plan!


The artwork is adorable and the writing is engaging and authentic. I like that it has quizzes after each chapter to encourage the child to pay attention. It’s a great resource for that child who wishes to start their own business.  It’s also CB’s favorite book this summer. This is a great book to begin a journey of being successful and financially independent at a young age. I think she will be able to take the tips and ideas learned in this book and apply them to her schemes she comes up with and create a wonderful future for herself.




#2 5000 Amazing Facts Incredible but True Facts About Everything!
by Discovery Kids

I thought this would be a good book for the kids to share. I was wrong. The reason I was wrong is that Bub has claimed it and is hogging. It’s such a great book for kids. It’s full of bright colorful pictures and so much information about well everything. It’s a great addition to our home school classroom science center (if I can ever get Bub to leave it on the shelf.). The way it is designed is to keep kids interested page after page as they learn new facts about things they might not have ever even thought to ask about.


Each page is colorful and full of facts such as this page with 11 Chameleon facts.


#3 On-the-Go Fun for Kids
by Amanda Morin

I’m going to admit that I really wanted this one for me. Traveling with kids is like… it is so bad that I have blocked it from mentally being able to compare or maybe I haven’t experienced something quite as bad. Anyway, this book is full of things to keep the kids entertained while traveling. Ideas that in the moment I would never have thought of. It’s a great resource to help parents keep their sanity while in a car with children. It has puzzles, games, and road trip tips. Over 250 activities to keep them busy! No more, ARE WE THERE YET or HE IS TOUCHING ME or even the dreaded NOW HE IS LOOKING AT ME. They will be too busy playing games with each other to notice that someone’s eyes have averted into their direction. Although it will not help the 4007 times they ask to go pee, there just isn’t any help for that.


I am a huge fan of I Can Read! books. We have tons of them in every theme from Barbie, Legos, to Adventure Bible. The reason I love these books so much is the bright colorful images, big type, and easy to read words that form a compelling story while still using simple text. My kids learned to read on these books. That being said the last two books on our list are I Can Read! books.

#4 Adventure Bible Brave Queen Esther
by Zonderkidz

This book shares the store of Queen Esther in a way that small children can understand it. The art is terrific. I love the colorful images that go along with the story from so long ago. Books that depict ancient times are a great way to show the kids how people used to live and what they used to wear. They may not understand that people haven’t always had tvs and didn’t wear blue jeans. The story is well written in words that a beginning reader can read with some assistance. I enjoyed reading this to my kids. The story isn’t exact but it’s just right for a young child.


#5 Adventure Bible Noah’s Voyage
By ZonderKidz

This is another great choice for summer reading with little ones. This books tells the story of Noah and his ark. Again this book is written for children to tell them a biblical story in a way they can understand. It’s an enjoyable story with beautiful bright pictures. The art in these books is wonderful. This book creates a great opportunity to bond over an easy to read story and help encourage an early reader to practice reading. The stories are changed but not so much that it affects the meaning. This is just to help children understand better the real story.

Noah’s Voyage follows the story of Noah as he builds his ark to save the animals 2 by 2 from the great flood. We love the story of Noah and even used it as a theme for Bub’s baby nursery years ago. They really enjoyed reading this book.



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