Summer Fun At The Zoo With Frito-Lay

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Summer Fun At The Zoo With Frito-Lay

School has been out a month now and we have been experiencing so much, from learning about local history to zoo animals. It’s been one AWESOME summer adventure after another. Frito-Lay has been there all the way with their variety packs, making sure my kids are ready for fun. Frito-Lay sponsored this post so I could share with you our summer zoo experience as well as an offer available through their partner, AZA, that’s too great to not share, but all opinions are my own.

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I will say that no matter where we have visited, the zoo is always my favorite place to go. The zoo is a great day for everyone, it’s not just a kid trip but an educational experience for the whole family. The zoo is great because we can learn about the animals and watch animals that, if not for the zoo, we would never have had an opportunity to see.

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The zoo or aquarium is a great place to take the family for a summer adventure. There are wonderful AZA-accredited zoos probably closer to you than you think. You can find a local AZA-accredited zoo here. There are ones I didn’t even know about, close enough for us to visit more often than we have been able to as well as ones that we have loved for years. Are you ready for a family adventure? With specially marked Frito-Lay variety packs, you can get a FREE kid’s pass to take on the adventure at a local AZA accredited zoo!

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From koalas to alligators, the kids were awestruck the entire time. If it hadn’t been so hot we could have stayed all day long. We visited Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. It’s a really nice zoo, full of fun exhibits and hands on activities.

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My kids love to pretend to be animals. My youngest is always one animal or another, barking, growling, pecking…. It’s so much fun. Frito-Lay understands that fun and you too can get in on the action and showcase your wild side by talking a picture of your family (or yourself, no judging here) mimicking your favorite animals and upload it to Frito-Lay Zoo Fun site for a chance to win a trip to Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas! Visit for complete sweepstakes details.

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My choice would be the elephant but I do a killer monkey impersonation. The kids say I can sound like an actual monkey. I would have conversed with my fellow monkeys while at the zoo but I was afraid of what they would do with the kids once they carted me off to the local loony bin.

Thank you Frito-Lay for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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