Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt Pops

Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt Pops

The kids love yogurt. It’s one of their favorite snacks. My mom gave us these popsicle makers over the weekend and I wanted to try them out. I thought using one of the kid’s favorite snacks would make great popsicles. I have thought of another way to make these since I made this batch and will be doing another post on that in the near future but these turned out so pretty I just had to share.


I poured strawberry drink into vanilla yogurt and mixed it up. I then poured my runny mixture into my molds and put them in the fridge. The hardest part of making popsicles is the waiting time. This time we waited and waited and then magically the kids forgot about the treat that sat in the fridge. Till the next morning that is when they awoke with requests of a frozen breakfast.


They looked so pretty when they came out of the mold. To get them out I had to run a little warm water of the outside of the plastic. They popped right out. They tasted delicious.

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  1. Hope these aren’t just for kids! 🙂 They look soooo yummy!

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