STEM Popsicle Stick and Straw SeeSaw Catapult

STEM Popsicle Stick and Straw SeeSaw Catapult

Some of the best activities are thought of on the fly. While cleaning up another activity I thought I would show my son something by creating a catapult out of a straw and a Popsicle stick. By placing a plastic piece on the end we created a whole new activity that kept both of us entertained for an hour.

Popsicle Stick And Straw Seesaw Catapult

What you need is a few straws, a popsicle stick, and different small objects to flick.


First you place the stick over the straw and the object on the end. With your finger quickly press the opposite end down throwing the object into the air. Measure our far it went and graph it on your paper.

Add another straw and preform the same experiment. Did it go further with 2 straws? Did it not go as far?


Either keep adding straws or change your object to continue on with the experiment.

Questions to ask:

Which catapult worked best?

What would happen if the object was heavier?

What would happen if you used a spool of thread instead of a straw?

Would the object go farther if you hit the straw with something other than your finger?


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