Empowering the Imagination With Netflix #StreamTeam AD

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Empowering the Imagination With Netflix

The imagination can be a wonderful place full of fairy tales, dragons, knights, and anything you can think of. It can take you on grand adventures with no more than a blow up sword and a thirst for action. With a little spark of imagination every day adventures can become epic. From a play date at the park to bed time, life can be a magical ride.


As a mother it’s enough of an adventure for me just taking three kids to the grocery store (One I might add that isn’t as fun as it sounds, for me anyway.) It’s still my job to help encourage my kid’s imagination and push them to embrace the every day adventures we create. Books, stories, movies, and shows help to give them ideas of life with magic and wonder surrounding them. One of our favorite adventure series at the moment is  Dragons: Race to the Edge on Netflix. Lately we have been battling dragons in the oddest of places and flying high on our own personal dragon (also known as the minivan).  We have dinned on dragon scales, dragon claws, dragon fire, and dragon meat.

Dragons: Race to the Edge is a Netflix original series starring the characters from the How To Train Your Dragon movies. It’s a funny quirky show that is all about adventuring and traveling to the great beyond. It showcases bravery and helping friends out. It also has dragons in it, NEW DRAGONS at that. So far my favorite is the snow white snow dragon but the death song comes in close with it’s colorful body and musical call that lures other dragons to their death.

Check Dragons: Race to the Edge out on Netflix!


Ready for another adventure?

Dive deeper into the unknown with these picks.

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Puss in Boots
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Can’t get enough dragons? Find more epic dragon movies with a little help from our friends atCommon Sense Media.


New on Netflix for Kids and Families

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15 thoughts on “Empowering the Imagination With Netflix #StreamTeam AD

  1. We sat down and watched this last night and loved it. We have always been big fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series anyways, so I knew we would like it.

  2. There are some great new kids shows on Netflix! I might even have to check some of them out for myself.

  3. Netflix really knows what their subscribers always wanted. Love the new offerings they have. Awesome!

  4. watching movies was very great bonding to the family . my family would love watching movies together every weekends .. i love these movie i’m very excited to watch it

  5. I love Netflix. It is such a great alternative to cable and satellite. Very affordable. I will have to check out this new series Dragons: Race to the Edge for the kiddos.

  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on Netflix. It looks like my little guy is missing out.

  7. We only have Netflix. But I haven’t seen this yet. I’m going to keep checking but Canadian Netflix has a lot less and different things than USA!

  8. We love Netflix because of the variety of movies they offer. My twins love How to Train Your Dragon series.

  9. MY son and his wife have Netflix. We are going to have to get it too now because my younger ones love it so much.

  10. I cannot tell you how many times my youngest has watched How to Train a Dragon 2. He loves that movie so much.

  11. We don’t have Netflix here but we have iFlix. I guess its kind of the same. We will check out those movies.

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