Breaking Open Geodes and Discover With Dr. Cool #DiscoverWithDrCool AD

I received products mentioned in this post to review but all opinions are always my own.

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And on to the review.

Breaking Open Geodes and Discover With Dr. Cool #DiscoverWithDrCool AD

Bub has been collecting rocks, stones, and geodes for awhile now and has built up a pretty nice collection. He has several geodes from other countries that people have brought him back, some he picked up on vacation in the mountains, and some we have ordered off the internet but never has he been able to break open the geodes himself. That is till now thanks to Discover with Dr. Cool and their Break Open Real Geodes kit!


This kit came in a couple of days before his birthday and I thought it would make a great pre party activity for him and his sister. The kit comes with 4 geodes, magnifying glass, safety glasses, activity book, geode holder, and instructions. You will need a hammer and chisel or sock.


The safety goggles where pretty neat themselves. They are made durable enough to use again in the future with other experiments. They fit perfectly over my daughter’s glasses and they are necessary to use. Although you won’t have any complaint from the child because for some reason safety googles are fun to wear.


I couldn’t find a chisel no matter where I looked even though I know I saw one last week in the misc drawer. Therefore we had to do the sock method. But the basic idea is to hit the geode with the hammer but not extremely hard.


 After one tap to take demonstration photos I noticed this might be a little messy and loud. We took the geode cracking outside and the kids took turns hitting the geodes with the hammer.

In the end, I did have to get a little more aggressive than planned with one style because they are hard rocks after all. I gave it a good smack with the hammer and it cracked right into and I found out what the safety googles are for. Please be sure to have the child or adult doing the hitting wear the safety goggles and the other children step back to keep from getting hit with flying rock.


They crack open to revel a whole different look. Two had crystals inside and two had different layers. All four were very neat to see.


They had so much fun with this kit. We laughed so hard watching each other trying to break open the geodes. I think it has really encouraged his love for geology. He is ready to crack open some more rocks and see what is inside them…


Product Description from Discover With Dr Cool

This starter geode kit features 4 real geodes and safety goggles.
Kit contains 2 different types of geodes so that you can compare different crystal formations.
Full-color adventure guide explains all about how geodes were formed and lets you identify the crystals inside.
Winner of multiple awards for the quality of the geodes inside this kit.
Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning.

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