Super Easy Heat Transfer Vinyl Custom Made Minecraft Creeper Pillow with #Fireflycraft AD

I received products mentioned in this post for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

I have always wanted to play with heat transfer vinyl but was worried it would be hard to do or that it wouldn’t turn out as planned so I stayed away. I was recently offered a chance to review a roll of Firefly Heat Transfer Vinyl and jumped at it. This was my chance to find out if the idea I had in my head could be done. You see I have had a plan in mind from the moment I first seen a vinyl purse craft around a year ago. For a whole year this idea has been floating around in my head and now it was going to come to completion! I was excited as was Bub who the idea was intended for.

Minecraft Creeper Face

My plan was to use the vinyl to create for my son a Minecraft pillow case. Something he has been wanting for awhile is a Minecraft themed bed room but there is a major lack of anything Minecraft in the bedding department, which is really odd because it is so popular. Anyway, I will try to stay on task for a moment and explain my idea.

First I needed high quality heat transfer vinyl. This is where Firefly’s heat transfer vinyl comes into play. I received a sheet of black that was 12 inces by 20 inches in size. It came packaged rolled in a cardboard tube. The vinyl comes attached to a clear plastic sheet that helps keep it stable and makes running it through the cutting machine a lot easier. I rather enjoyed working with this vinyl.

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I would also need a pillow case in the color green. Easy enough to find or make with some green material.

The good thing about a creeper face is that it is simple shapes, mainly squares. It was easy to cut out and place on the pillow case. The next step is the iron stage. I had my iron preheated sitting beside me. I took a deep breathe and sat the iron on top of the creeper face. I held the iron over each part for about 20 seconds. After I was done I stepped back to let it cool as it was very hot to the touch.


The last part was to remove the plastic cover. Slowly I peeled off the plastic to reveal the black vinyl underneath. It took a little time because I was nervous I would mess it up. After it was all done I was amazed at how easy it had been. The vinyl is super thing and moves with the pillow. It feels nice and smooth as well. I did have a spot on the corner of one eye that didn’t quite stick as well but I am pretty sure that it my fault and I must have missed it with the iron.

All in all I am very happy with Firefly’s Heat Transfer vinyl. I also have another project I made coming soon with it. I couldn’t make one for Bub and not for CB. 🙂

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