Recycled Cups Stacking Fun

I have a bad habit of saving everything to try to reuse it in the future. It drives my husband batty and I am often referred to as a hoarder. So many things can be just as useful after their initial use and in my head I can see that. My cabinets are full of boxes, cups, containers… anything I can clean and put away. In the back on my cabinet I found a stack of these Italian Ice cups stacking up. I usually use them to hold home made paint or when doing water related activities but I decided to have a little skill building fun.

On a side note: Yogurt cups, plastic drinking cups, or any cup could work for this activity.

Recycled Cups Stacking Fun


Indoor Cup Bowling:

Using the cups we made towers of varying heights. With a ball the kids took turns rolling it to see how many of the towers they could knock over. Then they re stacked the towers for the next child’s turn.

Gross motor skill building at it’s best. It’s a great 100 degree weather stuck inside the house activity.

Indoor Game Rules:

Ball must stay on floor and can not bounce.


Cup Stacking Castle

Just like building with blocks but makes a lot less noise when a small child runs through it knocking it down. I didn’t think about it at the time but you could stick numbers or letter stickers on them and add a little math or literacy practice to the tower building.


The more cups you have the taller your tower.


I think we stacked this tower 400 times.


Putting all the cups back together is just as much fun as taking the apart. A game that is as fun to clean up as to play!


Sometimes it’s a great idea to hold on to things. Sometimes I need to learn that trash is just that. It’s a work in progress.

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