Imaginative Building With Random Craft and Household Items

Kid running crazy? Driving you to the point of being eligible to plead insanity? Fussing and fighting between themselves? Wondering if home school is a good idea or the beginning of your nervous break down? Yeah, that was me yesterday. I had to think of something to get them involved in something other than trying to kill each other. So I had a thought and grabbed a box and began to dig around. It got their interest as they tried to figure out what I had planned.

I took my box and dumped it into the floor. Inside my box was a pile of stuff I collected from different drawers, cabinets, and boxes. I challenged them with the mission of building something out of just the items I put before them. Most of the items I dug out of the craft cabinet like Popsicle sticks and a few thread rolls. I also added a few things I pulls from the junk draw like mason jar lids, magnets, and some little plastic things that I have no idea where they came from. I also found a box of paper straws from last Halloween and tossed them into the pile as well.

I’m saying all that to say this, kids can build with ANYTHING laying around and if they are playing and having fun all the chaos from the moments before is forgotten and once again you will remember how lucky you are to be their parent.


A few ideas of household items to use:
Empty yogurt cups
Plastic cups
paper towel tubes
empty spice containers
boxes (cereal, oatmeal, mac and cheese… we throw away tons of boxes everyday.)
clothes pins
lids (drink lids, jar lids…)
Thread rolls
ribbon rolls after the ribbon is used


One of the best ways to build a kid’s imagination is to challenge it but you have to give them the materials to work with. That isn’t saying they need the newest hundred dollar toy around, it could be something as simple as a box of paper straws to ignite those little brains.


My youngest took right away to building her castle. She used the plastic thread spools as the base and added straws and pipe cleaners to build on.


They used the simple materials in many unique ways. Some I wouldn’t have even thought of.


Not quite sure what this is. I asked but was told I knew what it was because it looks exactly like what it  is supposed to be. I’m going to go with… umm yeah.  Looks great!

I thought it was very creative to use the magnets as eyes for the smiley face.


So the next time your kids are about the drive you to change your name and skip the country or you get the dreaded unexpected rainy day. Don’t fret, just dig out your drawers and let the kids get creative. Than rest for a moment because play time doesn’t last long before some one uses the last pink Popsicle stick and chaos resumes.

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