Ripley’s Putt Putts 2 Different and Unique Places to Play

We received tickets to facilitate this review but all opinions are our own.

Ripley’s has two putt putt establishments in Tennessee. Both are unique and fun experiences. Both have their good points and both are worth the visit.

In Gatlinburg Tennessee you will find the Ripley’s Davy Crockett Putt Putt. The theme is hillbilly fun. The different holes each have a different decoration make the journey through the course as fun as the game of putt putt. I love water wheels.


My children are the most competitive children with each other that they had made a bet to see who would win.


The bet was voided when CB got her first hole in one and Bub no longer wanted to compete.


This hole in particular is evil…. 🙂 Not really but for some reason that gopher laughing at me as my ball flew down the hill and landed no where near the hole made me think they were out to get me. 🙂


And there is nothing like seeing underwear hung on a clothes line. We call this a granny’s yard sale. Because she tried to go to a yard sale one day and it was just a lady doing her laundry.


In Pigeon Forge you will Old Mc Donald’s Farm Mini Golf. The first thing you see when you walk in is this scene. CB was in heaven. She could have lived under that bridge happily for days.


There was many interesting sites to see at this one as well. I love the cute farm jokes and funny things such as the outhouse with the sign that said “Research in Progress”.


You can’t miss the flying pigs. Trust me, there is no way you could ever miss the flying pigs.



Each hole had a farm related theme and they were generally set up to be cute and funny. I enjoyed this putt putt course tremendously.


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