Guinness World Of Records Gatlinburg Tennessee

We received tickets to visit this location but all opinions are our own.

Guinness World Of Records Gatlinburg Tennessee


I used to love to read the Guiness World Records books as a child and the tv show was a must watch, so I was looking more forward to this activity than anyone. That was only because I kinda knew what I was looking forward to. I was not disappointed, actually it was SO much more than I expected.

Starting with the layout of the exhibits. It wasn’t just records and information on plaques with photos but full out decorated exhibits. The information was educational and easy to read. There were things we had seen before such as the huge Star Trek ship hanging overhead.


And stuff the kids had never seen before such as carnival statues.


There were tons of hands on things to do spread through out the building. This one above was a favorite of everyone’s. The object was to punch the cushion as hard as possible and then a screen would tell you how many bricks you broke. I broke 8.

DSC_0171These two pictures were my personal favorites because of my crafting addiction. I couldn’t imagine crocheting a blanket that big and that button collection was enormous. This picture is only like a tenth of the buttons they had in the room.

DSC_0158 DSC_0142

The space shuttle exhibit was really neat. They had it set up to look like you were really inside of a space ship with visual of earth and all.

DSC_0233This is just a handful of exhibits they had available. There was a lot more to see and do. But don’t forget before you leave to get your Official Attempt Guinness World Records photo!


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