Capture The Moment By Sarah Wilkerson Book Review

Capture The Moment By Sarah Wilkerson Book Review

Everyone that has ever visited my little blog knows I am always wanting to learn as much as I can about the Photography process which makes this particular book perfect for me. I’m am excited to review it and share it with my friends. The book is called Capture The Moment and it’s by Sarah Wilkeron from Cliken Moms. Inside it’s pages you will find amazing shots and explanations on how you too can catch those magic moments caught in time.

This book for me is great for two reasons, the very useful tips and advice on taking those awe struck inducing pictures and the lovely pictures of everyday life on each page. The kids loved looking at the pictures in the book. It pairs big bold stunning images with tips on how to achieve those museum worthy images yourself. With tips progressing from the beginners like me to advanced, this book is perfect for any blogger or mother such as myself, covering equipment, composition, posing, low light, natural light, black and white, still life, and lifestyle photography.

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It’s full of great tips to help you hone your photography skills written from a mother’s prospective. That is one reason I find it so different from other photography books. It’s like it was written for the exact reason I want to take photos, to get good shots of my own kids at home living our lives for myself and them when they are older. Pictures such as this one I took yesterday after reading through the book and using the knowledge I found within it’s pages. I took all those tips, ideas, inspirational images, and inspiration into account and arranged this picture of Lou and a pinwheel. There is no way to read this book and not be inspired to want to grab your camera right then and test out all you have discovered.


SARAH WILKERSON is CEO of Clickin Moms, which was founded by professional photographer Kendra Okolita in March 2008 and has grown to become the photography industry’s largest female-photographer social network. Wilkerson, a graduate of Duke University and the University of Texas School of Law, lives with her husband, three sons, and a daughter. Wilkerson teaches advanced courses on photography composition and creativity.

I did receive this book from Blogging for Books for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

25 thoughts on “Capture The Moment By Sarah Wilkerson Book Review

  1. This looks like a great resource for expanding photography skills. I love learning more and I especially love take great pics. Thank you for sharing!

  2. One of my biggest weaknesses is taking photos, so I am so looking forward to reading this book and learning more about the best way to do it. Thank you

  3. I really need this book! I always have pictures of my kids but they never look like I want them to! This looks like an amazing resource that could really help me!

  4. That is a great photo you got of your daughter blowing on that pinwheel! This book sounds like it would help any photographer out–but most especially Mom’s!

  5. This looks like it could be a really helpful book. Capturing children in professional looking photographs is a challenge

  6. This book sounds fantastic for not only bloggers, but momarazzi’s as well. I am sure I take too many photos of my kids but that’s just because I want to make sure I get some great ones!

  7. Wow this sounds like a great book, very cool that it is written from a mother’s perspective! I know a few people who would like this book, I will have to keep it in mind for Christmas!

  8. Photography takes a giant role in everyone’s life, including mine. From capturing the perfect recipe photo to a perfect memory with my children. The tips in this book will be perfect!

  9. I really need help with my photography. I don’t quite get what all the buttons are for.

  10. Oooooo this books sounds like a goodie! I need to freshen up on my photography. Should totally give this a read

  11. My photpgraphy is such crappy-ness that I need all the help i can get and this sounds like a great resource for it. Thanks for sharing your review.

  12. I always love enjoying learning new things about photography! This sounds like a great book and I always feel it is important to capture life’s special and treasured moments!

  13. This sounds like such a lovely book. I take photos as a hobby and I spend hours looking at photography sites because photos really entertain me.

  14. The book looks really inspiring from the vibrant captures to the overall message. This would really be a good book to read and appreciate.

  15. I am looking for a new book to read. I will be checking this one out for sure, it sounds like an interesting read.

  16. Great review! Photography is definitely an area that I am constantly looking to improve in. This book looks like a wonderful tool.

  17. Who knows photography better than moms. We get practice from day one, right up to and including the grandchildren. That’s a lot of experience. 🙂

  18. I am not good at taking photos. This sounds like a great book and I’m sure I will learn a lot from this.

  19. This sounds like a good book and it’s obvious that you’re learning tons from it. Just look at your daughter’s photo, it’s gorgeously captured!

  20. Someone just gave me a copy of that recently, but I hadn’t dug in yet. Now I will do that. I’m excited!

  21. I love that this is from a mom’s point of view. And I am always looking for tips to improve my photography. I love seeing my progress.

  22. Sounds like a really good book explaining techniques of photography. Anyone who takes pictures really should read something like that. Thanks for sharing this info.

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