Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Great Big Family Reunion #bestsummerever #IC AD

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 Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Great Big Family Reunion

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It’s SUMMER! I just can’t say that enough. I have been looking so forward to summer that I can hardly believe it is finally here. Yet here I am writing about all the fun things we have planned to do outside this year! This Summer truly is going to be the BEST SUMMER EVER!

Our family is planning many opportunities to get together and have fun outside in the sunshine. With all those outside activities comes the need for head to toe sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important in my family because it seems as it we have the ability to get sunburned walking past an open window. This year already I have treated a sunburn on myself and Bub because we didn’t plan ahead. Learn from our burn. Even if you are only going out a short while, grab the sunscreen. Burns can happen on cloudy days as well, be sure to spray you and your children 30 minutes before going outside every time. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours you are outside.

Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Great Big Family Reunion #bestsummerever #IC AD

Banana Boat® has launched a new and improved line of sunscreens this year that are sure to protect and impress. First there is the Sport Performance®Lotion Sunscreen with Powerstay Technology™ which is designed for the sports lover in all of us. It’s light-weight, sweat and water resistant (up to 80 min.), absorbs quickly (tested and I will attest this is a true statement even on a wriggling toddler.). It’s also non-greasy and doesn’t run in your eyes! We loved that this lotion provided heavy duty protection while we played outside. I could worry more about wear the soccer ball went than if the kids were going to get sunburned or getting too much sun.

Next up is the Banana Boat®’s SunComfort™ Clear UltraMist®Sunscreen the sunscreen that is PERFECT for a beach trip. It allows sand to be easily brushed off and protects the skin from sun, chlorine and salt water! Banana Boat® has also reformulated its Dry Oil Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen to include argan oil. It is a lightweight dry oil that protects the skin from the sun and also moisturizes and leaves skin silky smooth.

Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Great Big Family Reunion #bestsummerever #IC AD

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Banana Boat® Great Big Family Reunion site has fun sunny day activities, recipes, and more on their Everyday Wheel of Fun such as Banana Ice Cream. All you have to do is spin the wheel for fun new adventures or to learn new ways to stay cool all summer long!

Also while on the site you can enter a sweepstakes that you could win a family reunion for you and up to 50 of your family members and friends!

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Banana Boat “Great Big Family Reunion” Sweepstakes

Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Great Big Family Reunion #bestsummerever #IC AD

The rules of sunscreen should be something every parent knows. Every sun burn increases the chances of skin cancer, which is why it is so important to make sure we always follow these important sunscreen rules.

Cover the entire body 30 minutes before going outside!
Reapply sunscreen EVERY 2 hours!
Reapply after swimming or excessive sweating!

Banana Boat® Best Summer Ever Great Big Family Reunion #bestsummerever #IC AD

We have been using our new and improved Banana Boat® products all week long as we swam, played, walked, and went about our Summer activities. Although I personally have always been partial to spray on sunscreen, the Sport Performance®Lotion Sunscreen with Powerstay Technologyhas taught me that lotion can be a good thing. It soaks in quickly and has a lot of great qualities. The Sport Performance®Lotion Sunscreen with Powerstay Technology ended up being the kids’ favorite. They actually let me put it on them without much fight. We also liked Banana Boat®’s SunComfort™ Clear UltraMist®Sunscreen. It is a lightweight sunscreen that really does let the sand brush right off while providing excellent protection from the sun. The  Dry Oil Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen was what Granny and I tried. I think we were under the impression that we would get a tan after all the sun we absorbed. Sadly no tan to be seen… but the bright side was not even a little red either. And our skin was so smooth it was like we used lotion.

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  1. This is such a cool prize! I moved down to Florida, and all my family is up north. I’d love to win this.

  2. I love the Banana Boat brand! Definitely need this for the summer time its tanning season!

  3. I have always loved Banana Boat. It is my favorite and trusted brand when it comes to sun protection especially during summer. I love the smell, the packaging, how it protects my skin. It’s so nice to know that they have come up with new products ( gotta try the one with Argan Oil ).

  4. Thanks for the sharing this great sweepstakes. We use this same brand as well during the Summer months.

  5. Thanks for sharing the giveaway. I always use Banana Boat for sunscreen.

  6. Banana Boat is the only brand we trust when it comes to summer protection. They are here for quite some time now and they are proving their worth.

  7. Finidng a sunscreen that stays put is so important especially during the summer when waterparks and water fun are so popular to help stay cool.

  8. That is an awesome giveaway. My kids love to swim, so I always have a bottle of banana boat.

  9. ’tis the season, right? And a big hurrah for it too. I like Banana Boat products.

  10. I used to use banana boat all the time. I need to pick some more up, I have gotten others given to me so I haven’t had to get some in a while but it’s a great brand I trust!

  11. Ugh I am still peeling from 3 weeks ago. I applied once but forgot to reapply. Reapplying is so important.

  12. Banana boat is great to have, Im sure my kids would love perform outdoors activites with banana boat.

  13. We have never tried a banana boat, but for sure we would try it with the kids. We can’t wait for Summer!

  14. Definitely a brand that you can trust. I always purchase a few cans of banana boat for the summer. Love how they protect my skin from the sun.

  15. Love Banana Boat sunscreen! Its always been the brand I grab for some reason but it works!

  16. All we use in our house is Banana Boat. it is so important to keep the kiddos protected! Love the way it smells too

  17. I love Banana Boat products and it is happen around for years. I just bought a Banana Boat Self tanning product but have not used it yet. The Banana Boat Dry oil is something I would love to try also. Thanks for sharing.

  18. We were avid fans of Banana Boat before and used them when we go swimming. It’s important to always be protected from the sun.

  19. I love Banana Boat products! They’re great! This is a great giveaway too. I think these products work very well for when you’re out in the sun.

  20. I always forget the sunscreen and learn my lesson through burnt skin. I don’t want to do this to my little guy. I am heading to the store to grab about of this brand.

  21. This is an awesome prize. Lucky winner who ever wins. I love Banana Boat products their suncreen are good and find them effective

  22. I need to get some Banana Boat lotion sunscreen. I just bought a different brand, and it was a spray formula that smelled awful and felt awful on the skin.

  23. I have always used Banana Boat for me, hubby and the kids. This sounds like an awesome giveaway!

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