I Spy 4th of July Playdough

I Spy 4th of July Playdough

First of all this is adult lead play dough play. I would not suggest giving small children beads and leaving them alone. Choking can occur.

Lou loves homemade play dough more than the stuff you can buy. I think on reason is because she can pick any color and have a bunch more made than comes in the little cups. You can find the recipe we use here along with how to make it smell heavenly.


This time I thought we would try something new. I had these star beads and an idea. 4th of July dough with a twist. I use the same recipe we always use:

“Quick Directions:2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water in a pan, add 1 cup salt, couple tablespoons of oil, tablespoon of the cream of tarter stuff, and food coloring for this recipe. Stir till it is so thick you can’t stir anymore. Take off heat and let cool. DON’T TOUCH. It’s hot… Trust me. I learned the hard way. Hot stuff on stove is hot. You can drop out on a dish cloth and stick in fridge. It does get a little dry around the edges this way but goes away while mixing.”

This time I made one red, one blue, and left one ball white. I added the beads to the mix after it had full cooled. I counted the amount of beads I put in because I wanted to make sure we got out the same amount we put in. I didn’t want to leave any laying around for her to put in her mouth later.

She sit and dug each little bead out meticulously. It was a great fine motor building activity to practice pinching skills. You could also say it was a sensory activity due to the differences in textures, the smells, and colors.


Googley eyes makes for a fun I spy play dough as well.


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  1. Awww I LOVE making homemade play doh too! I think I use the same recipe, I’ll have to make some red white & blue as well. Thanks for the idea!

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