Home School Feud – Free Printable Trivia Game

Home School Feud – Free Printable Trivia Game

My daughter has been watching the game show network lately. She enjoys the trivia questions and likes to try to answer along. Together, her and I, made this game for us to play at home. If all goes well, this is only the first edition and more questions will come later. There are 20 kid friendly educational questions such as name the planets, name a state that starts with the letter N. This game is a fun way to get together as a family and learn some new facts. I hope you enjoy it!


Print and cut out Host’s cards.
Split into two teams.
Host will ask questions to one team at a time (who goes first can be decided by coin toss).
When a question is not answered correctly, the next team will have a chance to answer.
Each answer is worth 1 point.
If the team is able to give every answer on the card they get 5 bonus points.

We did fact check and tried to spell check these but there could always be something we missed, if you find an issue fell free to email and I will correct it.

Have any future questions suggestions, leave them in the comment section below!

Home school Feud 20 printable question game

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This download is mostly color and free to use for any daycare, church, school, personal, co op, or home school use.

We all make mistakes sometimes, if you happen to find one of mine feel free to email me and let me know so I can correct it!


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