Fruit Compote with Splenda #Sweetswaps #IC AD

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Summer is here! I know I am really excited about that. More food, friends, and fun activities. Around here we have been doing things differently. More exercising and smarter food choices. That means I have to find a way to decrease our sugar consumption. SPLENDA®Sweetener helps me to reduce my families sugar intake by swapping out full sugar in recipes for SPLENDA®Sweetener.

This recipie is one that I recently shared with my friends and family. I found this recipe on the SWEET SWAPS™ recipe website. There you will find many more tips and great recipes that aid in living a smarter more balanced lifestyle.

Fruit Compote with Splenda

Fruit Compote with SPLENDA® Sweetner #SWEETSWAPS #IC AD

I will be honest, I have never made or tasted fruit compote before. It was an experience for all of us, albeit a great one. I have since made this recipe 4 times.

For this recipe you need lots of fruit. Check out the exact amount at the SWEET SWAPS™ recipe website.

Fruit Compote with SPLENDA® Sweetner #SWEETSWAPS #IC AD

I added water and SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener Granulated to my pan and waited till it began to boil. Did you know that swapping just one cup of sugar with one cup of SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated can save more than 600 calories? As the water boiled I added all my fruit I had chopped to the boiling solution. After the fruit cooked I added layers of fruit compote and yogurt to small cups for each of my guests. This was the easiest recipe I have done myself and it got rave reviews from my guests!


I used these smaller cups to create several single portion servings for the guests.


The recipe was a hit!


I then invited  some family friends to take a nice hike and enjoy some nature and afterward the fruit compote with yogurt. I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the kids. We are all a huge fan of nature and being outside. The kids ended up getting in the creek and getting all wet while the adults all enjoyed the exercise and sights. The kids had a blast splashing and playing in the water but gave out on us hiking up the mountain. We ended up carrying 2 very tired cranky toddlers back down the mountain trail.



Some lovely mountain scenery to enjoy.


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By the way… We had a few uninvited guests show up to the party….



  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I bake with Splenda all the time. I think it tastes just like sugar – with much less calories.

  2. Sounds so healthy and YUMMY! you’ve got me at healthy and FRUIT! Happy Summer!

  3. Fruity and creamy all at once. The perfect dessert 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  4. I haven’t tried Splenda, but we love yogurt parfaits! I will have to try this!

  5. This looks great and I love that it was made healthier by using Splenda instead of sugar.

  6. Fruit compotes are such a great way to take advantage of all of the delicious fruit we get at the Farmer’s Market. And bonus points for it being a healthy sweet treat!

  7. This is such a great idea! I’ve never made my own compote before!

  8. That looks so yummy! And I like how you sweeten it up with splenda! YUM, so refreshing for summer!

  9. I like splenda since it’s a healthier alternative than sugar. It can make healthier desserts.

  10. SPLENDA is here for quite a while. It’s really a great alternative for sugar. I might try your recipe by the way.

  11. That looks delicious and easy to do. I make desserts for my dad using Splenda. I’m sure he’ll love this.

  12. Yummy is right – your Fruit compote looks and sounds excellent – loving your steps shared on the ‘how-to’ – and great images of your beautiful friends and family enjoying this!

  13. Honestly, I didn’t know that SPLENDA can also be used at desserts like this. Awesome! Love your recipe by the way.

  14. I haven’t tried making anything with Splenda, but it’s a great idea. I love that they have their own website with recipes so that we can make them without guessing the sugar/Splenda differential.

  15. Your recipe looks so good! I’m always trying to find ways to reduce our sugar intake and now I’ll have to try Splenda. Thanks!

  16. I haven’t tried Splenda yet but this dessert looks so yummy it would definitely be worth the try.

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