Eating Healthy on Vacation

One of the hardest part of going on vacation is eating healthy. Everywhere you go there is delicous smells wafting through the air and sights that make you want to stuff your hand into your mouth in hopes of tricking your brain into thinking your full. It futile, you are just smart enough to know you are not infact eating that 4,000 calorie corn dog. Willpower… will power… will powder… will powder dounuts count?


Here are my tips to keeping with a healthy lifestyle while surrounded by a lot of junk food.

1. Write a post to tell others how you stayed on your diet while on vacation as a way to build determination and believe that if you cheat someone will see.

2. You don’t have to starve and in fact starving is pretty unhealthy and not a sustainable diet plan. Your body was not made to starve. Just don’t use the fact that you are on vacation as an excuse to over indulge.

3. Most restaruants have healthier boilded, grilled or roasted dishes.

4. Portion control. If you just HAVE got to have a special treat, don’t deny yourself. A small serving is the way to go.

5. There is more to vacation than food. At this moment, I can’t think of anything but there is…. or so I am told.

6. There is usually a grocery store or other place you could pick up some healthy snacks to store in your hotel room. Stock up on the goodies you like and are good for you and when you are hungry just have a snack in your room.

7. Check to see if there are local parks or picnic areas to have a nice healthy picnic. Major plus if there is a hiking trail.

8. Realize that sometimes the best placed plans are not always realalistic. It’s okay if you fail, just get right back on the wagon. Don’t think of failure as an end.

9. Keep in mind that tomorrow you will no longer taste what you eat today but the guilt will be there along with all those happy fat cells that are hugging those calories like brand new teddy bears won at the fair.

10. Keep water with you when ever possible. Sometimes a quick drink of water is all you need to get you back on track and keep you hydrated.

Most importantly don’t obsesse with food. Food is only part of the fun. Enjoy your family and have fun. Little mistakes may happen but don’t focus on them.

Laughter burns calories.

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