If Kids Made The Rules…

If kids made all the rules, life would be much different than it is now. I can imagine the things they could think of. For one thing, I would bet there would be more things covered in chocolate. Here are some other things that would be different if kids made the rules.

Everyone would live in their own Mansion.

Everyone would live in their own mansion. These mansions would be eight stories tall with stained glass coordinated windows. Doors will be purple, no exceptions.

Spelling corrections will also be a thing of the past and as a rule people who constantly point out spelling and grammar errors will be locked inside of a prison where they will be forced fed alphabet soup with no vowels.



Everyone will get paid 10 dollars an hour.

No matter the job maid, butler, cook, limo driver…. everyone gets paid a flat rate scale of 10 dollars an hour. Which doesn’t really matter because everyone already has their own mansion, huge tv, general appliances, and a bank safe.

Note: Everyone must know how to karaoke as it is required at the weekly meetings to discuss the discrimination against male life guards.



There will be NO DRAMA.

You don’t want to know what they will do to you if you cause drama but be sure it won’t be fighting or acting super dupper crazy because those are also outlawed.

And as you can see, this kid’s world is smoke free. Smoking areas will be provided for those who choose to smoke. They will be located beside the wild party sanctioned zone and behind the cussing box.



No one would go hungry, cold, or without.

As everyone sits in their nice warm mansions, not causing drama or drink champagne and raking in their 10 dollar an hour pay checks, they will have all the food and clothes they require. Everyone would be happy.

Kids see things simple. They think everyone should be on a level playing field. That isn’t reality. Reality is quite different. Maybe the kids could do better.

What is a rule your child would make if they were in charge?

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