Dinosaurs Alive Carowinds Charlotte North Carolina

We went to see the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit at Carowinds last weekend. It was quite the activity. There was lots to see, touch, and learn. We purchased the Gold Season Passes and getting into this exhibit is free as a perk of the passes otherwise it’s 5.00 per person. Which for all there was to see, isn’t bad. There is also a sand pit for the smaller children to dig up dinosaur bones.


Bub has always been interested in Dinosaurs and this was the one thing he wanted to do when we went to Carowinds. He was so excited.


Then he saw this sign…. I’m fairly sure he knew he wouldn’t be riding any Dinosaurs but this sign still invoked disappointment. The other randomly placed signs add to the feel of being in a real park. By the end they had him fearing the dinosaurs were going to come to life and pounce him.


This is the first dinosaur we seen upon entering the gates…. Notice it’s name? I told the kids they named this one after them.


The dinosaurs were quite real looking and they moved. Some of them even breathed. It was amazing to see.


I liked the different scenes that showed what life was like for the dinosaurs.  Such as this scene depicting a sandpit and dinos in distress.


The kids were shocked at the size of some of them. They were HUGE!


This was always my favorite dinosaurs when I was growing up so I had to get a shot of them…. Okay, I may have more than 1 but less than 24 pictures of them.


They also had stations where the kids could control the movements of the dinosaurs. My kids made them dance.


Another “fun” scene…


One of the many riddles they had along the road.


And the dino that Bub wanted most to see. I think most little boys love the T rex the most. By this time Bub wouldn’t turn his back on them for long and this picture was taken in the middle of him turning back around to make sure the dinos weren’t coming after him. If it had moved at that moment…. I would have a much more interesting video to show you

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