Civil War Battle Reenactment and a Day At The Farm

Warning- This post is very photo HEAVY… 🙂 Also warning, I apparently like to take pictures of random objects.

CB joined the juniors historical club at school. She has always been interested in history and has loved being a part of this club. I’m currently looking for something similar for her to be a part of when we start homeschooling. Anyway, this past weekend they went on a field trip to a farm to see a Civil War battle reenactment. We all went and had a lot of fun. Except for little LouLou who hated the whole experience and had to have GrannyBear come rescue PrincessBear (Bear by the way is what she is referring to everyone as now days.).


Notice the look of pure excitement (sarcasm intended) on little Lou’s face. Doesn’t she look like she is having such a blast?


I really like this picture. I don’t know why but the contrast of the windmill and the background makes me happy.


CB was extremely happy to see two huge pigs! Here is one pig.



Oh, look another pig! Pig number two!


One of those random pictures I promised.


Another random shot of a soldier’s gear sitting against a tree.


A tent setup.


I love this picture.


Bub’s dream come true… a tractor slide.


Two soldiers just out walking about.


See I promised lots of randomness.


I couldn’t help it, I love this.


My new lens is amazing, I was like 20 feet away.


Opening ceremony. This was when Lou lost it and had to be taken to Grannybear’s house.


Anyone notice something? 🙂

All in all a good fun filled educational day. I can’t wait for next year’s! By the way these are all high res pictures, if you want to use any for some reason (except the ones with my kids in them) go for it.



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