The Funny Thing About History….

The funny thing about history…. is that each time it is retold it changes. By they time everyone adds their own flair you no longer have history but a tale of exaggeration and imagination with facts added in the midst of fictional supplementation. There are stories passed down from generation to generation becoming a jumble of one sided biased information. Each story has many sides and the truth gets lost in the midst. That is how my family history is. I can trace my ancestry back as far as the boat that brought my ancestors here but there are a few of my past relations that really stick out on the genealogy line. You see I come from a famous family or should I say infamous. They have even made a miniseries about them. Which by the way, don’t believe everything they put on tv. Sometimes the dramatic flair of the cinematic screen can mislead and twist the facts in an effort to save time, not have to use extra people, or add to the drama of the story.

I remember in my youth, sitting around the porch steps listening to my Papaw tell the stories of what happened. He had a talent for stories and words. They even took us to the grave sites a few times. I lived where the whole this took place till I was 18 and back there, there isn’t any escaping the stories. The air breathes them. I wish I had payed closer attention to those stories so I could share them with my children and they could continue to be passed down. To be honest, I haven’t been very proud of my unsettling previous generations. Thinking back now about the situation, there are reasons to hold some pride in the stories. We come from a line of strong people who fought for what they felt was right, no matter how wrong they might have been. Point of views can be altered in times of war such as what they had just came home from. Life was different then which isn’t an excuse but a fact. Good and Evil had become blurred by the situations they were placed in as they fought against neighbor and family in the Civil War. There was anger, resentment, jealousy, feelings of betrayal, and a war mentality still raging in their minds. They lived in a much different time than the one we live in.

For my children I thought I would trace down what I could of how we are related to one of the most famous feuding families in history. This is their heritage and no matter how bloody and cold it may seem, it proves that people do change and history isn’t always as it seems. It also proves that our relatives do not define us.

They may not have grown up in the area as I did but someday they will want this information in one place.

Floyd – “Assumed Pig Thief”- Hatfield married Anna V Pinson
They had James Landon Lawson Hatfield who married Annie McCoy
who had Jonah Hatfield who married Mabel McCoy
who had my Papaw who wouldn’t steal anything.

Asa Harmon McCoy – Brother of Randolph McCoy, he was killed by guerrilla soldiers for being a Union troop – married Martha Patty Cline
They had Asa H McCoy who was also murdered but by his own cousins (and yes they had Nancy McCoy who married Frank Phillips, as well) he married Nancy Hatfield
They had Phillip McCoy who married Ella Jane Smith
They had Mable McCoy who married Jonah Hatfield
Who had my Papaw…

Rev Anderson C. “Preacher Anse” Hatfield (not to be confused with “Devil” Anse. Cousins. He proceeded over the pig trial and to be fair had 6 Hatfields and 6 McCoys in the jury.) married Polly Runyon and had 14 children…
One of which was Nancy Hatfield who married Asa H McCoy and so on…

I did a lot of this research on and Google, so I’m only about 90% sure that it’s fairly accurate. I am, however, 100% sure it gave me a splitting headache.

As far as I can tell from my research there may have been some feuding going on between some Hatfields and McCoys but there was something else going on as well…

There you have it, the infamous parts of my family tree. The good, the bad, and the reason that CB loves pigs so much.

For CB’s future amusement, here is a picture of some pigs. I realize that out of all this history in this post, she will enjoy this picture the most.



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