The Homemade Field Day

As I said in a previous post, Bub was sick for his official school Field Day so we made a day of games at home for him to participate. We had ribbons and everything.

We used very few materials and the kids had a blast and did some great physical activity. As long as you have balloons, water, a few buckets, spoons, and golf balls you too can have your very own field day. Here is how:

Balloon pop:


Children each have a certain number of balloons. The object is to bust all of your balloons before anyone else. You have to run and get one balloon and run back to your chair and pop it before getting another. The kids loved this game.

Water Fill:


This game you need a large water supply and a bucket for each child. They run from one end of the yard and fill a cup and see who can fill their bucket faster.

Spoon Ball Balance


Each child gets a spoon and a ball. The object is to get from start to finish and back without touching the ball.

Kangaroo hop



Each child is given a ball to place between their knees and they have to hop while holding the ball to the finish line… This one is the one they had to most trouble with.

Frisbee Toss


Who can throw the Frisbee the farthest?

And a non official bonus event… The Car Toss. Only participated in by angry toddlers.


So there you have it. Simple games that create a fun opportunity for kids to get physical activity, practice good sportmanship skill, and build gross motor skills… Did I mention they were loads of fun!

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