Who Did It? #Free #Printable Guessing Game And Crime Solving Worksheets

Who Did It? Free Printable Guessing Game And Crime Solving Worksheets

This is a game about using those deductive problem solving skills. There are two activities in the pdf.

One is worksheets with a line up of suspects and clues to solve the case there are eye witness statements and what was found at the crime scene.

The second is a game where every child picks a card of a person and then everyone tries to figure out who has which card.

Game Play:

If only two or three are playing:

Once the person guesses the card they get to keep the card and the other person draws another card. Then whoever has the most wins.

For classroom play: 

Each child gets a card. Once their card is guessed they are out, last one standing wins.

These fun educational games are designed to help children practice deductive skills, guessing, language skills, process of elimination, ask and answer questions, give descriptions, and many other useful skills.


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