Minute Maid’s “Doin’ Good” Campaign – Parents, You Are Doing Better Than You Think

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Minute Maid® sponsored this post to tell you Moms out there, you are doing better than you think. All opinions shared are my own but I agree… You are doing better than you think.

Attachment, Helicopter, Free Range, Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive… So many different conflicting Parenting styles are out there. It is nearly enough to give you a headache. We are living in the age of Parent Shaming. No matter your point of view, there is someone somewhere who thinks it is wrong and is more than willing to point out all the things you are doing to mess your kids up. It is time to put this age to bed.

Minute Maid’s “Doin’ Good” campaign is about celebrating those parents who are actually doing better than they think. This campaign is about embracing the beautiful mess that is parenting. It’s about making the most of the time we spend with our kids and arising to the challenges of being a mom or dad. It’s about recognizing other parents in a positive light and letting them know that they are in fact doing a better job than they think.

We are all busy rushing from this job to that activity. Each day feeling like we are failing, not doing enough, not giving our kids enough time, not doing…something. Parent guilt resides deep down inside every parent. That gnawing feeling of not being good enough comes from the deep and over powering love we have for our children, and our desire to give them the absolute best. We want to give them all these wonderful things we see other parents doing for their children on social media or parenting blogs. It just seems like we always fail to achieve that unattainable picture of parental perfection that our social media rich lifestyle forces into our face every day.

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Parenting isn’t about getting things perfect but embracing the perfectly imperfect moments of life. It’s about bringing joy, love, and instilling good into our children. It’s about raising children to be productive members of society. Parenting isn’t just about caring for a child. Parenting is raising a person.

One of my friends recently became the mother of a precious little baby boy a few months ago. I have watched as this new mom has been bombarded with advice from all angles. Everyone seems to have the right answers. Don’t co sleep, or you will smother him. Make sure you introduce this bottle to reduce the nipple confusion. This diaper is best for his skin. Don’t hold him all the time because he needs to cry.

My only advice to her was to stop listening to all the advice. She is a good mother, and has been since the day she was introduced to her precious baby boy. She is doing better than she thinks. I see her guilty look when she leaves him to go to work and the guilt-ridden look on her face as she races home from lunch to nurse him. I have heard her despair over the idea of leaving him with his grandparents for a night out with her husband. I have listened to her as she tries hard to convince herself that what she is doing is what’s best, even though it’s not popular opinion. What she doesn’t realize is she really is right; she is doing what is best for her and her child. She is filling him with love and attention, and is fulfilling his every need. She is doing a good job as his mother.

Check out this new video from my partner Minute Maid®. Share it with the friends and family in your life who could use a reminder that they, too, are doing a great job as a parent.

This video really spoke to me; it had me in tears. The message is wonderful. We are doing better than we think. I have to tell myself that sometimes. I still suffer from the mommy guilt, and I fear it’s a permanent condition. I worry daily if the decisions I make are right or if I have given each of my children what they need that day. Each time I put off their requests because a job needs to be done, I feel the weight of the guilt pressing down on me when I see their faces full of disappointment. Often I will let things go unfinished to go spend time with them. But in this busy life, work must be completed. I have to be the one to teach them by example that play comes after work. It’s my job to do what need to be done and make the most of our time together. We play board games, work on crafts, or do projects together. We have fun and laugh together.

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My kids are pretty amazing. I may be a little biased, but I can honestly say they are wonderful children and growing up to be fine young adults. I am very proud of them. They are loving, kind, and giving children and I like to think that I was part of that.

Thank you Minute Maid® for reminding us that we are all “Doin’ Good”.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute Maid®.

22 thoughts on “Minute Maid’s “Doin’ Good” Campaign – Parents, You Are Doing Better Than You Think

  1. I love this video, and I love this campaign. Parenting is hard for moms and dads, but we moms tend to take on the responsibility for all the good and the bad no matter what.

  2. I got chills from this post. Thank you for the uplifting message! I think all moms are hard on themselves. We all want to be doing the best for our children and we’re always questioning if we’re doing enough.

  3. It’s really important to reward not just mothers but dads too and remind them that they’re doing a great job, even when they think they’re not. My other half goes to work everyday for such long hours and our son misses him so much, he’s doing to to support our family though and we appreciate that so much. We should stop being so hard on ourselves as parents.

  4. What a great campaign and your blog post made my smile today! I always like reading positive posts, as they lift us all uniquely! Thank you for sharing this today!

  5. Thank you for this! I constantly worry about whether I’m doing the right things for my daughter, whether I’m messing her up or not doing enough. This is a great reminder that we ARE enough!

  6. This is such a great initiative to raise awareness about stay at home parents. I’m not a mom but I know it is an incredibly difficult (but of course incredibly rewarding) job. I honestly wish I could be lucky enough to stay with my kids when I have them. Work may not allow that but only time will tell. Thanks for sharing this powerful and emotional video.

  7. What a fantastic video! I think it’s safe to say with the current “mommy wars” that there is a lot of judgement towards parents. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything others say that we are doing wrong – we all need a little reminder that we are good parents! 🙂

  8. What a great campaign! It’s hard being a parent and I always wind up second guessing myself.

  9. I am definitely my own worst critic and often feel like I can do better in numerous areas of parenting. I think the entire journey of motherhood is a learning experience.

  10. Most of my house is just waiting to be unboxed because I’m spending time with my kids. This video really brought the tears in for me. It’s so good to be reminded of the good when it feels like everyone is tearing you down.

  11. I had not heard of this campaign from Minute Maid. There are so many different parenting styles that it can be hard to feel like a parent is doing right. What a great way to reassure new parents.

  12. All any of us can do is the best we can and it’s nice to be reminded of that. There is no one right way. Fortunately, I’m not a parent (never wanted to be) but it makes me sad to see my friends beating themselves up constantly for their perceived shortcomings as parents. Most of you are doing just fine 🙂

  13. What a lovely video. This sounds like an amazing campaign. I haven’t heard of it before, but it sounds just wonderful. Such a great message.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing the Minute Maid’s “Doin’ Good” campaign and the video. I know a couple of single moms who are always talking about they wish they could do better as a parent. They are doing a great job and I love that this campaign helps parents realize that they are doing better than they think they can.

  15. I love your advice for her to stop listening to the advice. My daughter is only sixteen, and she’s not a mom, but she does listen to the advice of others to the point that it makes me scratch my head. Doing all we can to instill in her that advice from others is just that…advice.

  16. I think everyone needs to be told that their best is good enough. I think the world would be a lot less stressful if more people felt that way.

  17. I like the concept of this Minute Maid campaign! I agree that a lot of parents are too hard on themselves, and feel like they are not doing a good enough job. It’s probably hard to see all of the good they are doing because they are unable to step outside of their environment and get a different view.

  18. I think it’s our monetary society that has forced moms to feel that their role has no value, and I call BS on that! I am not a mom, but I sure know if that moms got paid what all their jobs are actually worth, they would be raking in more than most of their husbands, who do about quarter of all those jobs.

    Kudos to Minute Maid for taking a moment to celebrate moms!

  19. I definitely have watched this video a couple of times over the last few days. It is so inspirational and moving. I love how beautiful it is and inspirational to give yourself the pat on the back. As human beings we judge ourselves so much that we forget to think about how proud we should be of ourselves or that we should love ourselves. Definitely a great campaign and beautiful message behind it.

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