Adventures in Sidewalk Chalk


Sidewalk chalk art is a great activity for a sunny afternoon. My kids love to get out the chalk and get creative!

Did you know you can also use it as a learning while playing opportunity?


Sidewalk Chalk is a great way for kids to express themselves creatively. It’s almost like coloring on a giant blank piece of paper. We don’t actually have a sidewalk handy but we do have a walkway made of rocks that provide a wonderful canvas for them.


You can use the time to let them practice writing letters, words, or anything they want to write.

Or they can play a color game.

Color Hop is a fun game we made up, it’s kinda like hopscotch and musical chairs had a baby and it was drawn with sidewalk chalk. Start by coloring several large blocks in different colors such as 3 red boxes, 3 blue boxes, 3 green boxes and so on creating boxes in every color of chalk you have.  One person calls out a color and everyone has to race to find an unoccupied square of that color.


Sidewalk chalk is a great way to build fine motor skills! And depending on how creative they are, there can be some gross motor skill building too.


Another fun activity is to trace the outline of rocks or other things you find outside in nature and than everyone uses their imagination to say what they think the shape looks like. This one reminded us all of a foot. If you have a sidewalk, you can use other rocks, leaves, tree limbs, or whatever you have and let them just trace the outline onto the sidewalk. That means a nature hunt is in order!


Color sequencing is another fun educational activity that the kids love to do. They don’t even realize they are learning math skills. They just think they are making pretty rainbow patterns.


Everyone can get involved in Sidewalk Chalk art!

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