If You Give a Toddler A Cookie….

If You Give a Toddler A Cookie….


She is going to eat it…



And if she eats the cookie… She will ask for another one… Or maybe two, one for each hand.


If you give her another cookie or two… She will eat them too.


If she eats them… She will probably leave a mess… You will have to clean it up.


If you clean up the mess…  She will watch… And chances are once you clean up the mess, she will ask for another cookie and possibly some milk.

3 thoughts on “If You Give a Toddler A Cookie….

  1. Or, she will cry when the cookie breaks in the wrong way. She will also cry when you throw the chocolate parts away after an hour because she is “Still Hungwee!”.

  2. So messily, painfully true! I also wanted to let you know that your Twitter logo at the top of your page doesn’t actually point to Twitter. 🙁

  3. THanks! I didn’t realize that and I was able to fix it. 🙂

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