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 There is No Such Thing as a Little White Lie…  To me a lie, is a lie, is a lie and there is no size variation or level of severity difference. I’m fairly strict with the kids when it comes to lying. It’s one of my mommy peeves when one of my kids tells me what they consider a tall tale. Yet, as a parent I find myself sometimes trying to keep the peace with stories. Hypocritical? Yes, but not abnormal.  Any of these sound familiar to you? Yes, there is a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Stalker Elf, or insert other creature of culture… Why yes, the stork dropped you off in a little pink basket with a note pinned to you saying I was your new mommy… No, we can’t eat at Chuckie Cheese again, they only allow you two visits a month and you are at your limit, sorry try again next month.

Why do we resort to telling lies?

DSC_0735 Sometimes we do it for our own entertainment… such as when my brother had the children convinced that the world used to be black and white until someone invented color. Which created a very interesting subject when at Lou’s ultrasound appointment Bub said loudly, “It is true!” and proceeded to ask the doctor when Lou would be given her color shot and if he had any choice in the color they would give her, blue or green was high on his list.

Sometimes we do it for their own protection or to hide something we don’t think they are capable of understanding or we don’t want them to know. Still even with the best intentions, a lie is a lie. Just because it is done with a good purpose in mind, doesn’t magically make it the truth.

Sometimes we do it without even thinking about it. We have grown so used to telling some lies that they don’t even seem like lies anymore. Such as the presence of a certain mythical being who brings gifts on a certain day of the year after silently stalking nearly every child on the planet all year long.

Sometimes we do it to get ourselves out of some form of punishment for something we knew we shouldn’t have done but did anyway. The kids are more guilty of this one at times. Sure, no one knows who left the bowl of cereal in the toddler’s room. A bowl jumped from the cabinet, filled it’s self with cereal and milk, and walked into Lou’s room singing, “Don’t you wish your doll house was covered in milk? Don’t cha.” Sounds plausible to me.

No matter the reason, we all do it at one time or another. How can we teach honesty if we are not honest ourselves and is being 100% honest all the time even possible?

How about some inspiration for shows about honesty and truth to share with the kids?

For your little kids:

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1. The Gruffalo
2. Care Bears: S1E8, Untruths and Consequences
3. Veggie Tales in the House: S1E9, Lie-monade
4. Little Princess: S1E9, I Didn’t Do It

For your big kids:

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ANT Farm
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1. Totally Spies!
2. A.N.T. Farm: S3E9, Pants on Fire
3. Spy School
4. Jessie: S1E14, World Wide Web of Lies

And for teens and parents:

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1. Bloodline
2. Revenge
3. The Bling Ring
4. Pretty Little Liars
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