The Family The Plays Together…. #PLAYON #AD

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The Family The Plays Together….

Grows, learns, laughs, and bonds together.

The #playon campaign is committed to helping families live more balanced, active and playful lives. Join actress, talk show host and campaign spokesmom Tamera Mowry-Housley who has joined with BAND-AID® Brand, NEOSPORIN® Brand and KaBOOM! to help remind parents about the benefits of play.


Play is such an important part of growing up. Kids who have the opportunity to play are more likely to succeed in academics because playtime helps encourage the development of many skills needed for school. By playing kids are growing their imagination, memory, attitude, and many more valuable skills. They are also learning cause and effect and natural consequences as well as building social relationships. I could go on and on about all the reasons play is so important to a child’s development but there is really only one reason that matters to the kids… It is FUN!


One of the biggest reasons we are opting to home school this coming school year is the lack of playtime in the public school day. Even though studies have proved that at least 15 minutes of active play helps a child behave better in the class room, schools are still down playing recess in favor of more practice time for testing or taking away their play time as punishment for poor behavior or lack of concentration skills. It seems to me that instead of taking away their physical play time they should be embracing and encouraging it! There are days when my kids come home and neither one of them has had any time during the day for self expression or just to let loose and be kids. Then they are expected to do homework as well?

I say enough, it’s time to play!


Play is a major part of our family time. When I walk in the door from work I am greeted by my toddler whose first question is always, “Mommy, wanna play with me?” The answer is usually “YES!” Than we will either sit down in the floor with her choice of toy and engage our imaginations or go outside and set loose our inner wild animal. The kids love the outdoors and don’t always get enough of it at school. CB is a budding (yet really very uncoordinated) wanna be gymnast. She wants to do a cartwheel so bad that she is consistently testing her skills every chance she can get. She usually ends up with some form of bump, cut or bruise in the process.  Bub is a biker in training, he loves his bike and could ride it around all afternoon.  Lou is my princess dirt dauber, always ready to get a little dirty by digging in the dirt as long as her shoes stay clean. She is also my little dare devil and ready to leap from the tops of play equipment, test her balancing skills, and preform daring tricks that makes mommy cringe…


With all the fun there are bound to be a few “Boo Boos”. Mishaps happen. Kids will fall down. They are still learning to control those little bodies and minds. Sometimes ideas seem better in thought than they do in practice. It’s all a learning process which is one of the reasons play is so important in the first place.  It is my job to be prepared to handle these accidents. Nearly half (43%) of accidents occur away from home, meaning it’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit on your person such as in your purse or car. I do happen to have a full first aid kit in my home as well as one in my car for when we go to the park or other outing and believe me I am thankful for them when I do have to use one. Each one includes all our go to brands such as BAND-AID® brand  and NEOSPORIN® brand that help take care of those little mishaps that occur so they can get back to exploring!

BAND-AID® brand bandages seem to be endowed with magical qualities that can make most boo boo pain a thing of the past to my kids. A mommy kiss and a BAND-AID® brand bandage are essential to the healing process of even the most minuscule or imaginary ouchie.


I have the wonderful opportunity to discuss how BAND-AID® Brand and NEOSPORIN® Brand are working with KaBOOM! in a partnership to encourage families to play more! To help families to be prepared for the inevitable accidents they will donate first aid products to play spaces all across the country! They will also be joining forces to create new creative play spaces for children to explore! I love the whole idea of KaBOOM! in how they create play places just about anywhere. Check out their website to learn more about them and see some amazing play places!


Johnson & Johnson® has recently partnered with lifestyle blogger Joy Cho, who will add a playful twist to two iconic first aid products–BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! and First Aid Kit by Oh Joy!, exclusively sold at Target stores and

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! feature bright, colorful patterns and designs, offering a fun way to protect cuts and scrapes. Features an assortment of 12 styles; available beginning in late May, only at Target stores and

Who says First Aid Kits need to be boring? The First Aid Kit by Oh Joy! offers a stylish way to keep all of your first aid essentials organized and on hand for easy access. Store this stylish-solution in your home, car and office. Available beginning in mid-April, only at Target stores and  When you purchase three or more first aid products, you will receive the kit for free.

Printable First Aid Checklist. These are a just few great suggestions to have on hand although your particular needs may be different. I added a few extra lines for you to add in your additional needed items.



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