Why Has EVERY Holiday Become Such a Huge Deal?

Easter is this weekend. My kids have already surpassed the appropriate level of excitedness. They are on defcon 400 and climbing at an unwarranted rate. It’s Easter. Yes, it’s the day Jesus rose from the grave and should be celebrated. I am all for sunrise service and egg hunts, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy family get together dinners and forcing the kids into brand new dress clothes they will hate as much as the next passive aggressive mother. Bring on the holiday themed coloring sheets or easily accomplished activities. And don’t forget the simple Easter baskets with small treats and candy. Sure all of that is fine but the kids are expecting MORE. Somehow each holiday it seems we are expected to outdo the previous year’s holiday.

It's the Easter Bunny...

Each year brings new demands, new expectations, and new head aches. It seems now that they are expecting a second Christmas at Easter. My daughter actually wrote the Easter bunny a letter and asked me to mail it. I told her… He isn’t Santa Claus, sorry. He is a bunny, he brings plastic eggs and candy, not new toys on demand.

My kids are in for a let down this year, I am done trying to outdo the previous holiday. THE MADNESS HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE! I am not going to try to outdo the neighbor’s holiday. I am NOT going to go over board any more. I am going to try to make each holiday pleasant enough without killing my will to wake up each holiday morning. Quiet simple holidays just being with each other are what makes for family memories and strengthens those family bonds. It’s not about the gifts, the two tons of candy, or what is inside the little colorful plastic eggs. It’s about the fun of the egg hunt, laughing at and with each other, and enjoying time together. All can be done without bringing mommy to a frazzle.

They will thank me for this later. I hope…

3 thoughts on “Why Has EVERY Holiday Become Such a Huge Deal?

  1. We totally agree with you, it seems everything is spiralling out of control. The other big one that we’ve noticed is birthday party’s they seem to be getting bigger and bigger and more elaborate and expensive. It’s crazy to think of the cost of some of them.
    Thanks for the great article!

  2. I think it’s all about setting expectations. I know some people who do Christmas for their kids in the most out of control, ridiculous way. They go into debt and it takes them a year to get it paid off, and then wouldn’t you know it, it’s Christmas again and they’re right back in debt. Our society has become very “stuff-oriented”. The more stuff we have, the better. Personally, I think holidays are a great time to teach kids that it’s not about HOW MUCH you get; it’s all about the thought behind it (“it’s better to give than to receive”), as well as about focusing on the true meaning of the holiday. It’s so sad that some kids only know Christmas and Easter as an occasion to get gifts, rather than the real reasons we celebrate.

  3. I agree! I never had outlandish Easter expectations. There would be an egg hunt after church, and I’d get a basket with some candy in it and maybe a toy if I was lucky…or younger. lol

    Now-a-days everything is this huge production and tons of toys….then the expectations are bred. And I don’t know what that’s a result of. Accessibility?

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