18 inch Doll Crochet Black Hat with Pink Flower

I have gotten my crochet hooks back out for a little while. There is something about Spring that makes me want to crochet which is weird because you would think it would be fall or winter that would make me want to. I have always been a backwards sort of person. Summer is the time I like to get out the sewing machine. Spring is my crochet time. Winter is my book reading season. Fall is a toss up, depending on what is going on at the time.

There is just something about a nice spring day, the kids running around the yard, and me in with my crochet hook watching them. Sometimes I participate in the play but sometimes I like to sit back and observe and let them choose how to play on their own. It’s good for them to have open ended child lead play. At those times I am basically just the life guard and safety inspector. I listen for those dreaded words, “Hey guys, I have an idea.” Then I intervene. I’m rambling again… back to the project.

This is CB’s doll Emma in her new crochet hat.


This hat was made with a sized down beanie pattern and then the flower was glued on. I did make a crochet flower to go on it but Lou brought me this flower from a hair bow she had recently broken. I think it worked very well and matched Emma’s shirt wonderfully.


The pattern I used was a simple beanie pattern that I have kinda made up as I have went about making hats.

I started with a connected  3 chain that made the initial circle.
Then I double crocheted into that circle around 8 times.
First row, I did a half double crochet (hdc) stitch 2 times into each stitch.
The second row, I did 2 hdc into the first one hdc into the next and then two hdc into the next…. you get the point.
The third row, I two hdc in the first, one hdc into the next two, two hdc into the next… all the way around.
The fourth row, two hdc into first, one hdc into next three, two hdc into next…. all the way around.
The next few rows I did one hdc in each stitch all the way around till the hat was long enough.

This pattern will work to make any size hat, if you want to make this larger all you have to do is add more increasing rows instead of just the four. Such as instead of stopping the increasing rows at the fourth row, you would go to the fifth row and add one more hdc in the middle of the two hdcs and then on the sixth row you would add one more hdc into the middle of the two hdc. So the fifth row would become 2 hdc into first stitch, one hdc into the next four, 2 hdc into the next and the sixth would be  2 hdc into first stitch, one hdc into the next five, 2 hdc into the next. Usually to make a child sized beanie I increase up to row eight and an adult hat row 10 or 11. I hope that makes sense.

Oh and here is a video I found on YouTube of how to do a half double crochet!