4 Free Easter Egg Counting and Math Activity Printables

4 Free Easter Egg Counting and Math Activity Printables

This Easter Egg pack has 4 different activities.

1. Pattern Making – Cut out the eggs and have the children use the to create a pattern by gluing or placing onto the pattern page.

2. Addition and Subtraction- Cut out the eggs and numbers. The eggs can be used for counting. Such as if the problem was 2 + 2, they would count out two eggs and then two more and then count them together for the answer.

3. Number match – Cut out all the squares and have the child match the groups together. Example – The picture displaying 1 item, the number 1, and the word one.

4. Counting pages– For these the child can place the appropriate number of stickers, pom poms, or other object in the squares. They can use the counting eggs to count out that many eggs and place them in the basket. They can also color or trace the number.

This pack is kinda like an add on or upgrade to our Easter Egg pack from earlier this month.

If you are looking for more Easter activities check out our 33 page Easter pack.

This download is mostly color and free to use for any daycare, church, school, personal, co op, or home school use.

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4 Free Easter Egg Counting and Math Activity Printables

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