5 Facts About the Potty Trained Toddler

My kids potty trained fairly quick and easy. The first two we waited like the books said but CB received a pack of underwear among her third birthday presents and she was trained the moment she put her first pair on, she was ready long before. Bub was the same way. With Lou I didn’t use any of the books to tell me what was best, I went with what worked. Lou was fully potty trained at 18 months (and when I say fully I mean day and night with few accidents). I wish I could say that I knew some perfect method and I have it down to a science but the truth is my mom is the toddler potty training master. She is like the toddler whisperer. But like with any good family recipe or trick, I can’t duplicate the process. That kind of super power gene must skip a generation or something.


For those of you who are working on the potty training, here are a few things about having an assisted bathroom user that I find will usually happen:

1. When you walk into a store, locate the nearest bathroom. You will be visiting it. If the store doesn’t have a public restroom, point to the toddler who is doing the peepee dance and plead with the nearest employee. Usually if they have a heart they will let you use the employee potty. In most cases this will be the cleanest bathroom you have seen all day and in a few others you will think you have to visit the doctor afterward for some kind of booster shot. In those bathrooms you will be thankful you can still lift the toddler and do the hover over the potty pose. You will probably get peed on.

2.  When you are cooking the toddler WILL have to potty. You will be the only one capable of taking the toddler to the potty because they will not allow anyone else to help them get onto the potty. They will want YOU. You will also have to sit in the bathroom with them because otherwise they will either get lonely or make a mess you will have to clean up. This is also the time they decide to poop. You will burn dinner. This rule is also true for if you yourself is on the potty.

3. There will be accidents. Most of them will occur in public. To keep accidents at bay have extra clothing and wet wipes on hand always. Not because you will use it but in my case I have found, The day you forget to bring an extra outfit will be the day the accident happens. If you have a clean change of clothes, all will be well. This goes double for if you go to an amusement park.

4. If you are about to go somewhere or do something the toddler does not want to do, such as go to church. They will all of a sudden have to go potty. You will spend 5 minutes getting them out of their dress clothes and putting them on the potty. They will then sit on the potty. You will be treated to three choruses of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. You will ask them if they are done. You will be screamed at because you interrupted their rendition of the latest Disney song. 10 minutes later you will spend another 5 minutes putting clothing back on the toddler that never really had to go to the potty and you finally had to force them off the potty to get moving. You will usually be late for everything.

5. They will not tell you ahead of time. There will be no warning call. When the words, “I have to go potty.” come out of their mouth, they are already at level 10 about to explode. There is no wait. There is only GO. Drop what you have in your hands and find the potty. You will grab the child in your arms and run around crazily searching for a potty. At this time all the childless people around will think you have gone crazy as you look like someone just told you there was a bomb about to go off. In your mind, someone just did.

One fact about the mother of a potty trained child.… The bathroom will forevermore be known as the potty. You will call the bathroom “The Potty” even at work. The other parents will not even notice… the ones that have not had the experience of training a child to use the potty will laugh. You and all the other parents will give each other the universal parent club look that resembles the look of “Don’t worry we understand.” mixed with the look of utter fatigue.


Having a potty trained toddler is great. No more diapers, no more huge diaper bags to tote, no more trying to change a wiggling child on those icky plastic changing tables in public restrooms. 🙂 I sure do love my mom.

3 thoughts on “5 Facts About the Potty Trained Toddler

  1. I was dreading potty training my youngest for many of the reasons you mentioned. Sometimes it’s just easier when they’re in diapers. But she was absolutely the easiest of the bunch and it’s so nice to be done with diapers.

  2. So true, I still say I need to use the potty, I mean restroom at work! And one tip – don’t wait for them to tell you, take them to the potty every 90 minutes to stop the accidents! Great post!

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