Homemade Orange Crush Play Dough

I have a confess, in the making of this post I did not know how to work my new camera lens. Somethings are a bit blurry. Another confession… I still do not know how to use my new camera lens.


I always use pretty much the same playdough recipe which is detailed  in depth in this past post. It’s just flour, water, Cream of Tarter, oil, food coloring, and salt. I have even left out the salt that last couple of times because I know she is only going to play with it the one time. It makes more a softer dough without the salt but it will mold over time without the salt as a preservative.

Quick Directions:

2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water in a pan, add 1 cup salt, couple tablespoons of oil, tablespoon of the cream of tarter stuff, and two packs of Orange Crush drink mix for this recipe. Stir till to thick to stir. Take off heat and let cool. DON’T TOUCH. It’s hot… Trust me. I learned the hard way. Hot stuff on stove is hot.

After it had cooled I added a ton of glitter and mixed it up myself.


That is the stuff I used to make it orange and smell so good. These come is a lot of different colors and flavors.

After seeing what color it turned out to be, Lou decided she wanted to make play dough pizza. I gave her buttons, pom poms, and a few other things out of the craft cabinet.

First she kneaded out her dough. Which took the longest. She is a true play dough fanatic. It is her favorite sensory activity.

Than she rolled it out flat. We also cut it with a bowl to make a round shape to be the pizza.


She then decorated her play dough pizza with her “ingredients”. The mat is a page I made for her for when she said she wanted to make play dough pizza.




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