Let’s Play Pretend – Bakery Employee – Free Printable Dramatic Play Pack

This pack is a dramatic play pack for kids to use to pretend they are working in a bakery. Play dough makes a good addition to the pack for the kids to pretend to back the goods ordered by the customers. There are also two play dough mats, one for them to “bake” a cake on and another for them to “bake” cupcakes on. The name of the bakery they will be working at is Little Bakery. I hope you and your kids have loads of fun running your bakery!

The pack includes:

An employment application – as adults some people do not know how to fill out an employment application. I added this as a way to give them so practice at filling out a form.

A Baker’s Hat – Just cut out and glue the strip to the sides.

Money – Fake money to help them learn about counting out money and giving back change.

Menu – For the customers to order from.

Order pages to form an order book for the employee to take the orders.

The 2 play dough mats to fulfill some of the orders (Cake and Cupcakes).

Let's Play Pretend - Bakery Employee - Free Printable Dramatic Play Pack

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