33 Pages of Easter Fun FREE Preschool and Toddler Printable Activities!

33 Pages of Easter Fun FREE Printable Activities!

This pack is full of activities such as math concepts, literacy, early reading, letter recognition, using scissors, and more! The pack would be great for preschoolers, first graders, and toddlers. There is an Easter book that the child can make as well as several worksheets to practice basic skills. The colors and cute art will be a big hit with the kids. I hope you enjoy this pack!

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There are 33 pages of activities included!

BINGO game, Make your Own Easter Book, and Bookmarks are a few of the specials included in this pack as well as many other pages.

An Example of the activities included in this pack:
Early Reader Book
Book Marks
Coloring or painting pages
And Lots More

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