Hands On Math Games with Pom Poms Includes free Printable Pom Pom Math Mat

Hands On Math Games using Pom Poms

Pom Poms are great little balls of fuzz that can be used in so many ways. This post is about a few ways you can use them for hands on math fun! Worksheets are great to practice skills the child is already familiar with but using concrete materials and allowing them to manipulate the objects helps them to visualize, feel, and learn. Both are useful in the learning process and used together and in the proper way will create a solid foundation to build on and encourage a life long understanding of math concepts. Younger children learn better with hands on materials such as these pom poms.

hands on math with pom poms

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hands on math with pom poms

Counting Pom Poms:

Counting pom poms is an easy way for a child to practice counting skills.

Other counting activities:

You could also have them count and create piles of ten and then count how many sets of ten they have.

Give them a pile of a set amount and have them count backwards as they remove the pom poms from the pile.

Have them count out and even number of pom poms.

Have them count out and odd number of pom poms.

hands on math with pom poms


Sorting and classifying the pom poms by size or color is a great way to practice math and science skills. Have the child use tweezers for added fun and a sneaky way to give them some fine motor practice.

More sorting fun:

You can also use this activity to teach a child about similar or different concepts. Is this green pom pom alike this red one? In what way? They are both round, fluffy, and soft. How are they different? They are not the same color or one may be bigger than the other.

hands on math with pom poms


Have the child take the pile of pom poms and using bowls or buckets, have them put on in each container till there isn’t any left in the original group making each of the sub groups equal.

More equal activities:

Collect you a group of pom poms, ask child to count them out a group that is EQUAL to yours.



hands on math with pom poms

More than or Less than?

Fill two containers with different amounts of pom poms. Ask the child which has more or which has less. This activity helps build a child’s understanding of basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction, and measuring.

More More or Less activities:

Lay out a certain number of pom poms. Ask the child to give you more than that amount or less than that amount.


hands on math with pom poms

Full or Empty:

Same as more or less but leave a container empty and fill one up.


hands on math with pom poms

The Pom Pom play mat.

Can be used to practice a few math concepts such as addition, subtraction, equal, and even.

Using pom poms as a visual representation can aid a child in learning how to add or subtract.

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