Money Matters – 6 Free Printable Money Counting Worksheets

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Money Matters – 6 Free Printable Money Counting Worksheets

Here are 6 worksheets designed to help a child practice counting money and the value of money. This pack is great for a second or third grade age child who is learning the value of coins. Each worksheet is different and encourages a different skill practice, such as value, more than, enough, and equal values. I hope you and your children enjoy these!

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Money Matters - 6 Free Printable Money Counting Worksheets

The worksheets included are:

Money Matters - 6 Free Printable Money Counting Worksheets

More or Less

Which box has more that the other? There are two columns, the child uses the < or > sign to show which side has more than the other.

Making $1.00

Which two groups make $1.00 together? The child adds the change in each group and decides which two make $1.00 together.

Matching Values

Which value matches the coins in each roll? The child adds the value of the coins and draws a line to the matching number.


Do I have Enough Money?

Do the kids have enough more to buy what they want? The child decides if the person has enough money based on what money they have and the price of the item.

Equal Values

Which two values are equal? The child draws a line from one value to the matching value on the other side.

Counting Money

How much money is in eat pot? The child counts the money total.


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