DIY Springtime Paper Flower Bouquet

DIY Springtime Paper Flower Bouquet

Spring is in the air! It’s 70 and warm here so I’m thinking Spring flowers! I’m going to share with you today a paper flower craft I used to do as a child. I haven’t made these in SO long and it was fun to teach my kids how to make them. We used a nice neon paper which really added the Springy feel to the project.

Spring Flowers

First you will need a few items:




Straws or Pipe Cleaners


Spring Flowers

Flower 1 how to:

This flower is really easy once you get the hang of it. You can use any size of paper to do this. Fold it long was or short for different looks. You can even cut the opposite end instead for a new look.

Fold your paper in half and cut slits in the folded side to about an inch from the bottom all the way across. The size between the cuts can vary but the closer the better.

Roll your paper up and tape the ends together.

Add your stem and your first flower is finished.

Spring Flowers

The Finished Product!

(I couldn’t find tape so I had to use this yucky looking green tape.)

Spring Flowers


Flower 2.

Cut out a circle in your paper. Start from the center and begin loosely rolling all the way around.

Take the ends down and then tape the middle. Clear tape would look way better.

Add your stem.
Spring Flowers

The flowers together in a vase.

Spring Flowers
Think happy Spring thoughts and enjoy the warm weather if you have it!






  1. What a cute bouquet! This would be a great craft for our kids at church to make to decorate the tables for Friendship Sunday!

  2. Those are so cute! And my kids are really into using scissors right now, so this is perfect for them.