5 Times a Day I Could Possibly Blog but Don’t

5 Times a Day I Could Possibly Blog but Don’t

I found myself thinking at on point today, “I so could be blogging right now” and then I thought about all the times during the day I could get some work done, yet all the reasons why nothing ever gets done came to mind. Here is my list of times I could be blogging during my daily schedule and all the excuses, I mean reasons, I don’t.

1. After the toddler has had her bath but isn’t ready to give up the bath water. I so could pull off a post or two while in the bathroom watching her and in between saying, “Don’t drink the butt water.” or “The water stays in the tub.” I don’t blog during this time because I want to keep an eye on her. I also don’t blog at this time because any electronic device in the 10 foot radius of her “sensory play” time is in immediate danger of becoming a paper weight.

2. While waiting in the school line. I have to get there early so my kids know just how much I love them… *add sarcastic tone* I get there early because that is the best time to have some me Netflix time. I don’t blog because it would interfere with said Netflix viewing time.

3. While the kids play in the front yard with the neighborhood kids. I don’t blog at this time because if you get more than two kids together, bad ideas happen. Adult supervision is required.

4. While the kids sleep. To be honest I sometimes do use this time to blog but usually I am so tired I will nod off right along with them. I blog mostly in the mornings before I wake them up for school.

5. While the kids are awake, rephrase, any time the toddler is awake. I have long ago when I first had children realized that if you have a child under the age of 5 in your home, nothing will get done except playing, feeding, running to the potty, bathing, cleaning up after, and coloring with child. If child is left to own devices…. I shudder to think of the possibilities but I have two walls with red crayon that can testify to what happens when mommy goes to the bathroom.

And now a moment of silence for the Abby pinata that had so much life to it, till the toddler was left alone for two minutes.


I wanted to add to this picture, I so could touch my nose with my tongue.

2 thoughts on “5 Times a Day I Could Possibly Blog but Don’t

  1. I LOVE this!!! I use the same excuses…I mean reasons. And you would think with the damn near 10 days of school they missed due to weather that I could have cranked out a ton of posts…nope I played with Barbies, Xbox and lots of Netflix with the 5yo! Heck I could be doing one now but I’m too busy visiting all my blogging BFFS!

  2. I know what you mean lol. 🙂 I spent the day letting the toddler kill my phone’s battery while I pushed her in the swing. 🙂

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