The Great Egg Hunt Activity and Play Dough Mat Educational Printable Pack

The Great Egg Hunt Activity and Play Dough Mat Educational Printable Pack

This printable educational pack is designed to help children practice math skills as well as letter recognition. This pack would work well with toddlers to elementary ages. Toddlers will like to bright colors and the play mat which can also be used for play dough. The older children can use the eggs to practice fractions, place value, and other math problems.
This set includes a play mat to either complete the activities on or use as a play dough mat. Lamination is needed to keep the play dough from sticking. Also we tried to make Peep dough. It did work but became hard before they were done playing with it. I would suggest just using regular Play Doh or homemade flour play dough.
The Play Mat.
Print and laminate for activity or Play Dough fun!

Here are examples of the included activities you could use this pack to do.

Place Value Practice:
Cut the eggs into pieces and you can create numbers with the pieces.
Cut the egg pieces up and you can use them to teach fractions.
Also you can put in the basket a few of the same colored eggs along with other colored eggs and ask how many of the eggs are such and such color.
Count the eggs in the basket
Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching:
Cut out the eggs and cut along the curved middle line.
Math Eggs:
Use the symbols to create math problems on the play mat for the kids to answer.
They can use the counting eggs to help get the answer.
The Great Egg Hunt Printable Pack
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